Matinee with MounQup 2018-03-09T12:16:36+00:00
Friday 6 April. 13h. Pazo da Cultura.

Matinee with MounQup

MounQup is the project of Camille Hedóuin, a French woman based in rural Ourense. From there she builds songs in which loops with thousands of registers and forms of her voice are superimposed on electronic bases and samplers. The result is a collage without prejudice, capable of approaching at the same time the avant-garde and the warmth of popular music, of combining the discussion of social problems with the portrait of intimacy and everyday life. Using Galician, English and French, in the last year MounQup has presented her debut Proba de son throughout the peninsula and has won the Fran Pérez “Narf” Award from the Deputación da Coruña.