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Carlo Padial

Writer and director of TV series for BTV and a creator of viral videos for Playground (“Quiero ser negro”, “Swaggers”, “The shame of existing”, “Old Gamer”, etc) and TV3 (APM ?, Dynamite). Representative author of low cost cinema (his are the independent low budget films “Mi loco Erasmus” and “Taller Capuchoc”), in 2017 he leaped foward to commercial cinema with the feature film “Algo muy gordo”, starring Berto Romero and produced by Zeta Cinema. He has also published the books “Dinero gratis” and “Erasmus, Orgasmus y otros problemas”. He has just published “Doctor Portuondo” with Blackie Books. He is currently a collaborator at the late night show LATE MOTIV, conducted by Andreu Buenafuente.

Desirée de Fez

Desirée de Fez is a film critic in Fotogramas, Rockdelux, El Español and the radio show “La Finestra Indiscreta” at Catalunya Ràdio, she is also a columnist for El Periódico de Catalunya and a regular contributor to the TVE program “Página Dos” (La 2), where she coordinates and presents the movie section. Member of the team of the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival, she also teaches at the film school FX Cinema and at Girona’s Cinema Museum. Author of the books ‘Key films of modern horror cinema’ (Robinbook), ‘Torn Screen: Fifteen conversations with filmmakers and writers on dreams and cinema’ (Arkadin Publishing, Co-written with Jordi Sánchez-Navarro), ‘The impossible’ ( Norma) and ‘A monster comes to see me: The art of the film and the vision of its authors’ (Norma), these last two about the films of J.A. Bayona. She has also participated in numerous collective publications. Of her work as a coordinator may be remarked the publications for the Sitges International Festival ‘Neoculto’ (Calamar), ‘Takashi Miike: The provocation that came from the East’ (Calamar) and ‘Seven. The sins of David Fincher ‘(Tyrannosaurus).

Iago Fernández

Iago Fernández is a journalist and director of Tentaciones, the alternative culture media of EL PAÍS. Previously, he was VICE’s editorial director in Madrid for five years and director of La SER’s radio show ‘La Realidad Definitiva’. His professional career includes Rolling Stone and Esquire magazines, the daily newspaper Expansión, the radio station Yu (Los40) and being part of the editorial board of Vocento group.

María Tasende

María Tasende began her career as an actress when she was attending primary and secondary school, joining the theater groups of the Public School and Carballo Institute where she studied. Later, he studied dramatic art in Madrid with Cristina Rumbo and John Strasberg in New York. Her professional career spans through television, cinema and theater. In movies she has participated in films such as “Los Fenómenos” by Alfonso Zarauza, “El Oro del tiempo”, “Rafael” by Xavier Bermúdez, or “Retornos” by Luis Avilés, among other works. In 2010 she won the award for best actress at the International Film Festival of Ourense for the short film “Isla Piedra”. In theater she has participated in different productions, among them, “Ocupa Madrid”, “La katarsis del Tomatazo” by the Centro de Nuevos Creadores and “Estigma” by the Centro Dramático Galego. In television she has participated in numerous series and TV shows both in regional and national broadcasts, such as “Acacias 38″,”Los hombres de Paco”,”Aída”, “Matalobos”,”El Faro”,”Serramoura”,”Padre Casares”,”Juana de Vega”, or “Eduardo Barreiros”, among other


Oscar Cruz

Screenwriter out of passion and necessity. Former student of UPSA’s Script Master, in 2013 he started his professional activity with Porco Bravú. He began his journey on the internet with the series ‘Conversas con Cunqueiro’, that allowed them to grow and open the way for the work that would project them: ‘El Método Sueco’. Writer of the sitcom ‘Peter Brandon’ and host of ‘La Transición’ at the radio station Pontevedra Viva.

Anxos Fazáns

Anxos Fazáns is graduated in Audiovisual Communication by Uvigo, she later studied Film Direction M.A. at ESCAC school. Still in her schooling she creates the webseries “Hambre”, winner of the best webseries in Galician language award at the 2015 Carballo Interplay and finalist of the 2015 Maestro Mateo Awards. Another key experience in her developement was her work for the direction team of “Lanas Altas Presiones”. Her two early short films, “Direcciones” and “Nacer en Septiembre” were both nominated at the Cans Festival. Later, her short film “Area”, produced by Matriuska, will be screened in Cans, Taratsa IFF, Buriem FF and Zinebi. Ángeles combines her work as a director with being an assistant director and script in different projects. “La Estación Violenta”, an adaptation of the novel by Manuel Jabois produced by Matriuska, is her first feature film as a director and screenwriter. The film has just been premiered at the European Film Festival in Seville and continues touring the international film festivals circuit.



Nuria Espasandín

Native of Vimianzo, Nuria has three channels on Youtube and is a finalist of the I Youtubeir@s Contest. She defines herself as ‘dependent on words and feelings’, and as an admirer of whatever format that serves to express herself and feel – finding on the audiovisual a perfect way to do it. Since a little kid she was defined by close people as ‘a defender of the poor’, which proves that, without knowing it, Law was always her vocation, being the career that she is currently about to graduate in.

Cristian Andrade

Born in Carballo in 1992 (26 years old), Cristian has been an active member of the local musical underground for a decade. He is a key person when it comes to understand rock’n’roll and independent culture in Carballo in recent years. We may remark his years as guitar player and vocalist at the front of punk garage band Arabian Evils, with whom he published ”We Offer But Not Incite ” and “Monoenpatín” nominated to Best Demo by Mondosonoro in 2015.

Laura Tova

Ilustrator from Carballo. She has created his own line of illustrated products, a project with which she participates in design markets in Galicia and Spain. In addition to illustration, she has participated in urban art initiatives such as “Derrubando Muros con Pintura”, “Carballo Mirando ao Mar” and “Derrubando muros para ver o Mar” in A Coruña. Formed in illustration at the EASD Pablo Picasso and later with different international illustrators such as Gina Thorstensen, Chiara Carrer, Joana Concejo, etc. She teaches illustration workshops based on her self-publishing project “Sentidos y Simplicidad”. Her works have been shown in numerous group exhibitions in Carballo, A Coruña, Madrid and Berlin since 2014.

Maikel Pérez

La Milagrosa. Although a professional topographer, Maikel begins his career as a DJ in 2006 in key venues for alternative music in the Bergantiños area such as Stereo INC or A Reserva. In 2017, coinciding with the twentieth edition of the Xiria Pop festival, he became part of the festival’s organization as a lineup curator.