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The Big Nothing (Australia)
When the captain of an isolated mining station near Saturn is murdered, Detective Lennox is sent to investigate the three remaining crew members. Centred around a series of interrogations and flashbacks, Lennox discovers that everyone has a motive to kill. With otherworldly threats approaching and the killer amongst them, will everybody make it off the station?

Middlemarch: The Series (USA)
A modern, gender-bent vlog-style web series adaptation of George Eliot’s “Middlemarch,” the series follows a group of students at Lowick College in the fictional town of Middlemarch, Connecticut, who are all just beginning to figure out who they are and what they want.

Deluxe Motion (Canadá)
Comedy. Animation.
Mouvement Deluxe is a stop motion webserie for adults – and disobedient teenagers – that will definitely not make the world better. It features five blameworthy characters, their magical dog and an old gentleman from a remote village, which push the boundaries of absurdity and rudeness through a wide variety of hyperactive skits, presented every day, live in your Internet.

Zyara (Libanon)
Zyara is a word that means Visit/encounter, it is a series of poeticized portraits featuring people living in Lebanon, people who have transcended their hardest challenges for the love of life.

La strategia dell’acqua (Switzerland)
What is Switzerland known for? The mountains… Clocks… Chocolate… Emmentaler… Heidi, Roger Federer, William Tell. And, of course, there are the banks. But… what would happen if, one day, a Swiss bank merged with a Chinese financial group?

Sexy Herpes (Australia)
Sarah’s a sexual health nurse who’s permanently having a bad day. Her patients are hypochondriacs and horse-f*ckers; Her boss always ‘overshares’ (her man’s di*k pics). And her therapist just told her she screams ‘dead mother’.

Recursos Humanos (Chile)
Five young millennials create a recycling app to try to save Chile from its own tons of garbage. That is if they manage to overcome their work boredom, romantic interests and internet distractions.

Just Cuddle (Canada)
Comedy, drama.
Just Cuddle is a web series about a professional cuddler and her eccentric clients.

Yes No Maybe (Denmark)
Ever since his girlfriend left him for a more successful man, Mads has become a pathetic and depressed version of himself. Trying to reboot his self-esteem, Mads’ friends install the dating app “YES NO MAYBE” on his phone and a scandalous adventure begins. Mads starts looking for love in all the wrong places, and despite impotence and insecurities he ends up as a cold-hearted serial dater, chasing a quick fix of affirmation as dating becomes his new favourite drug.

17:30. SPAIN 1

Manu (Manuel Feijóo) is an actor reconverted into a magician and monologist who achieved a great success in the 90s with the series ‘Colegas’. It was the first youth fiction back then, an authentic social phenomenon that became a quarry of young actors. Two decades later, Manu lives completely away from television, but is scheming to return to fame: he plans to reunite his former teammates to make a reunion on TV. Thus, he will undertake a trip with Julián (Julián González), his best friend, with the mission of finding and convincing each one of them. ‘Colegas’, a digital series by Playz starring Manuel Feijóo, Julián González, Lara de Miguel, Fernando Gil, Marta Solaz, Rafael Reaño, Daniel Huarte, Javi Coll, Enrique Villén, Rodrigo Poison, Fernandisco and the youtuber Soy Una Pringada, among others.

This series narrates the experiences of Antón, a character that suffers a strange illness mix of narcolepsy and somnambulism which makes him experience every day a new, crazy and exciting adventure.

The last Call
Comedy, drama
A rock band from the periphery of Barcelona, with its components bordering on middle age, finally manage to qualify for a band contest and see there the last opportunity to achieve their dream. They have never achieved anything and these guys are willing to break the law, put themselves to the test and even sell their soul to the devil, because they know that is their last chance to get on the last train to Rockandroll.

Dorien is a psychological thriller starring Carolina Bang, Dani Muriel, Dafne Fernandez and Macarena Gomez. A luxury cast that also includes performances by Javier Almeda, Javier Botet and Eduardo Casanova. Throughout five chapters, Dorien tells a story set in Madrid hipster inspired by the novel The portrait of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.

Naranjito y Yo
Naranjito y Yo is a series of 16 episodes about my 4 year tour around the world on a 1979’s Citroen 2cv named Naranjito. A traveling docushow narrated as it happened, no gimmicks, no catches. A first hand travel where you can meet more than 50 countries across 4 continents.


16:00. SPAIN 2

Time After a devastating virus, a group of people tries to survive each day to all the things that the incident has brought. Only five percent of the population remains and none of them knows why they are still alive or how long they will be.

Buster undertakes the journey of the anti-hero: dating apps, drugs, youtubers and ‘glory holes’ in a special world marked by uncomfortable humor, synthesizers and Andalusian costumbrismo.

Four interactive documentary episodes linked by three protagonists hosted in an online webdoc. The issues discussed are difficulties around the Galician aquatic environment, each one in a region: Ferrol, Ortegal, Santiago and Vigo.

Si fueras tú
Alba is a 17 year old girl who moves with her uncle Miguel to an urbanization in search of a new life, Alba’s parents have moved to New Zealand for work, but she has to stay to finish the school year in Spain. As soon as she arrives at the highschool, she realizes that it will not be so easy to adapt, because of her resemblance to Cris, a girl who disappeared just half a year ago. Alba’s first instinct is to flee, but her uncle asks her for patience. Slowly, Alba will approach the Soto Cruz residents close to Cris: her friends, her family, her teachers and classmates. Alba decides to find out what happened to Cris and who is to blame for her disappearance. Several conjectures are mixed: she may have been murdered, victim of school bullying or forced to commit suicide… In that search for truth, Alba will discover something she would never have suspected This revelation will be a lesson for her, now that a new phase of her life begins.

Polis Corruptos
Comedy, action
Triana and Vallecas are two sub-inspectors of the National Police who have the extortion monopoly of their district but also a big heart.


Bright Summer Night (New Zealand)
A New Zealand house party in the middle of summer, four lovers, three environmental activists, and a musical-political performance group are the ingredients for The Candle Wasters’ ‘Bright Summer Night.’ An adaptation of William Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ re-contextualising the play’s themes for a millennial audience.

Women Of The Island (Australia)
Women Of The Island is a web series of short documentaries telling the stories of the diverse and inspiring women who inhabit the island of Tasmania.

Chack Morris Life (Uruguay)
Chack Morris used to be a martial arts movie star, but now he is condemned to live along with his friends a limitless series of adventures.

End Unsung (Finlandia)
Sci-Fi, supernatural
Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Arthur C. Clarke

Memoria digital (Argentina)
Vera and Juan have broken up. From their relationship the only remains are thousands of audios, photos and videos in the memories of several digital devices that, far from allowing Vera to forget, make her relive flashbacks of each stage of their relationship. Reviewing her love story, Vera must decide if she keeps these files or if she eliminates this relationship forever.

Loop (México)
Sci-Fi, romance
LOOP is a romantic sci-fi series in eight acts, about Diego, a man who does not take risks, and Mariela, an adventurous woman, who are caught in a loop on February 29th. They will get to know each other and she will teach him that life is a constant routine full with pretexts for not taking risks.

Hotel Romanov (Uruguay)
Comedy, suspense
Isabella, a young frustrated property agent, in a “stroke of luck”, finds along with Dinora, her best friend, a booklet with a prize: a stay at a beautiful hotel in Cologne called “Casa los Jazmines”. What she does not know is that the people who work at that hotel have more than an obsession with her.

Echoes of IS (The Netherlands)
Echoes of IS #wesharethescars is a interactive web series that consists of twelve captivating stories by people who have all been affected by Islamic State. These are people from very different backgrounds; Dutch people and refugees, parents, children, ex-fighters and their relatives. People who bare their souls and share their life-changing experiences with the world for (often) the first time.

Emilia envidia (Arxentina)
Emilia envies, feels jealous, criticizes and compares herself with her friends, filmmakers like her. She has been trying to finish her first work for two years and her frustration grows. Along with the achievements of her colleagues she will discover that perhaps success, for her, is to find her own look.



Shakespeare Republic: #LoveTheBard (Australia)
Using some of Shakespeare’s most famous monologues and sonnets, Season Two of Shakespeare Republic explores a day in the life of 13 of Shakespeare’s characters who exist in the same world, living their lives in modern society, sometimes meeting, sometimes passing like ships in the night, all using Shakespeare’s original text.

Perverts Anonymous (Canada)
Prudence is a sexually uptight but intellectually open woman who confronts her sexual inhibitions by running a therapy group for people with unusual sexual issues. In doing so this mutually suspicious group discover they have more in common than they might have thought.

La división
Sci-Fi, mistery
Alfredo is transferred to a new division within the company where he works. Its function is to optimize human resources, but a series of disorders will lead to a hidden world.

Supa Supa (France)
Action, comedy
Supa Supa, The unusual superhero normal guy. As he finds himself struck by The Perfect Girl’s beauty, he discovers his power: to bend and control reality thanks to pixilation. However, this amazing ability won’t stop him from enduring unlikely hardships in order to seduce The Girl of his dreams. Simply put, Supa Supa is the the story of a young guy who will have to ful ll a quest full of hope, energy, twists and turns, before he can call himself a man.

God’s 17 (Australia)
Comedy, mockumental
God’s 17 is a mockumentary about a modern-day cult, which satirizes politics, major religions, and activist groups. The web series tells the story of a well-meaning religious community and revolves around the group’s founders; Brother Aaron and Sister Tammy. They choose to see everything that happens to them as a positive omen from God, even lightning strikes, building fires and sink holes, they know that believing in something makes it a fact.

13.11 (Nina) (Italy)
BOLOGNA, November 13th 2015 A family is travelling by car in an isolated country and has no place to go. It is so cold that during the night the father forces the gate of an empty house to find a shelter.

Urban Legends (UK)
Horror, Thriller
Whether it’s homicides or hauntings, monsters or madmen, we all know the tales of woe that happened to a friend of a friend. This dark anthology retells a series of sinister stories that have been famously told around the world with all of us having once, or still believing in an Urban Legend.

John Death (Mexico)
Black comedy animated series where John Death, the grim reaper, tires to ignore his deadly nature and have a normal life among the living. Trying to be human, John Death tries our everyday activities. Even though he tries to control his powers, he causes someone’s death in each of his attempts to “become normal”.

Noche de paz (Argentina)
Every year, Argentine families go crazy in the search of a peaceful night when it’s time to get together on Christmas Eve. In this series, we will learn about the preparations of one of those families: the Brunetti, who will try to survive, again, to the night of December 24 in the city of Buenos Aires.

17:30. SPAIN 3

Todos queríamos matar al presidente
Comedy, thriller
A group of outraged catering workers receive the unexpected visit of the president of the government and everything what that implies: access to their food and drink during a few hours.

Road to Andaloser
Musicians Fran Dieli and Koen Anthierens have decided to form a band. Throughout the chapters they tell us how the process has been until they reach their first concert.

La Leyenda de la Princesa Tetasuko
After seeing how the princess Tetasuko disappears from the film, Samu must become a real samurai to undertake the big adventure whose goal is to rescue her.

Galicia Crime
Galicia Crime is a webseries of police humor set in the fictitious City Councils of Galicia. Detective Dowson and Sergeant Pillei solve the most absurd crimes while trying to uncover the truth about a criminal organization that tries to end the festivities of the country.

Musical Comedy
The Mambo cousins are two island losers convinced that they only have one chance to fulfill their dream. Although one is more convinced than the other, both are thrown into the adventure of trying for the last time to succeed in the world of music… The bad thing is that they were never too clever.