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Thursday, April 5 in the auditorium of Pazo de Cultura de Carballo.

A professional space designed to connect creators with the main platforms, producers and media betting on digital content. Have already confirmed their presence in this first edition of the professional day of Carballo Interplay:

PLAYZ (RTVE Digital), FLOOXER (Atresmedia), MTMAD (Mediaset), CRTVG,  VICE,Globomedia, 2btube, Hitsbook, Infomix…

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10:00. Acreditations sign-in.

10:30. Television and native internet contents: experiences and new platforms.

12:00. In search of digital talent. Audiovisual content production for new media. With Vice, Globomedia, 2btube and Hitsbook.

16:30-19:00. Zona Pro. Networking.

10:30. Television and native internet contents: experiences and new platforms.

Televisions have been adapting to new media for years, expanding their content through different platforms. But in addition, they are starting to create their own content platforms specifically for the internet, aimed at new audiences and betting on talents that have been born from the networks themselves. Executives of PlayZ (RTVE), Flooxer (Atresmedia), Telecinco (MTMAD) and CRTVG will share their experiences and vision of the future for digital content on generalist televisions.

Alberto Fernández TorresSubdirector of Transmedia RTVE Digital.

Alberto Fernández is content and transmedia assistant director of at RTVE Digital. He was part of the founding team of, which since 2008 has been transforming the corporation’s digital strategy. Between 2009 and 2012 he was responsible for international news area. He has been a member of the Lab RTVE and since 2014 is responsible for RTVE digital content, promoting the development of transmedia and interactive products associated with established RTVE brands such as El ministerio del tiempo, Cuéntame, MasterChef o  Eurovisión. He coordinated the launch and start-up of Playz, RTVE’s new digital content platform, launched in November 2017.

Agustín Alonso G. Head of fiction content at Playz.

During the ten years he has been in the digital area of RTVE he has done almost everything. He has been co-responsible for the transmedia strategies of the series ‘Isabel’, ‘El Ministerio del Tiempo’ or ‘El Caso. Crónica de sucesos’. He was responsible for the Culture area in the digital news section; he has worked for Radio 3 covering the SXSW and for Radio 5 with a space dedicated to young creators. He was head of social networks and second RTVE screen.

Emilio Sánchez ZaballosDirector of Flooxer and Head of Online Video at Atresmedia.

Director of Flooxerthe platform created by Atresmedia as a showcase for digital talent and native content for the network. Its premise is to offer the best technical and creative quality, selecting the best creators on the internet to distribute it through a premium platform in the most optimal way and to make it get to new audiences. With a creators lineup that includes Vengamonjas, JPelirrojo, Isa Calderón, Diffferent Entertainment, Los Hermanos Podcast, and channels that cover different genres, themes and styles, Flooxer has been a pioneer in producing premium webseries like Paquita Salas. Its bet for the 2018 Spring is the Soy una pringada webseries.

José Pereira Fariña.Director of the Innovation and Business Area of CRTVG.

José Pereira Fariña (Moraña, 1976) is the director of the Innovation and Business area of ​​the Radio and Television Corporation of Galicia (CRTVG), where all the innovation and commercialization projects of the corporation are planned. As a university lecturer, he is a full professor of the Department of Communication Sciences at the University of Santiago de Compostela and a member of the New Media research group at the USC. Previously he held the position of Vice Chancellor of Communication and Coordination and dean in the Faculty of Communication Sciences of the University of Compostela. Among his publications more than thirty articles in international journals may be counted, and he has participated in the writing of several books about cyber-journalism, such as the Manual of Cyberjournalism Writing (Ariel, 2004), Digital Information Systems (Pearson, 2006) and Innovation and development of the Cybermedia in Spain (EUNSA, 2016).

Clara Gavilán. Content director and executive producer of Mtmad and Jesús Gómez Carbón, Talent Manager and Branded Content of Mtmad.

Clara Gavilán is content director and executive producer of MTMAD, and Jesús Gómez Carbón is talent manager and responsible for branded content of this web channel created at the end of 2016 by Mediaset, which contains more than 40 different formats designed and produced for the digital environment. MTMAD is thus the great bet of the company that owns Telecinco to develop online experimental formulas of its own production aimed at new audiences.

12:00. In search of digital talent. Audiovisual content production for new media. With Vice, Globomedia, 2btube and Hitsbook.

Along with the recent changes in the media landscape and the new audiovisual consumption habits, new types of producers and agencies that work with digital talent are emerging to offer fresh content to new platforms. Traditional producers are also opening digital divisions. Something is moving in the industry towards the professionalization of content for the internet and we have four companies to give us their vision: Vice, Globomedia, 2btube and Hitsbook.

Noa Cid, in charge of Content & Audience Strategy of Vice España.

Noa Cid Blanco studied Advertising and Public Relations at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona and at the Universidad del Pacífico in Santiago de Chile. After being awarded the Versus Prize of the Creative Club, she resolved projects for agencies such as SCPF, JWT, Tiempo BBDO, Contrapunto BBDO or Shackleton. Later she has worked as a Creative Editor and Community Manager in the digital agency Herraiz Soto, for clients such as Ikea or HP, and in the agency Villar-Rosàs, for Estrella Damm or Nike. She joined VICE Spain in 2012, being the first person in the team to take charge of social networks. After leading the Social Networks and Platform teams, Noa is currently responsible for the Audience and Content Strategy of VICE and i-D.

Bastian ManintveldExecutive President of 2btube.

Bastian Manintveld (The Netherlands, 1975) counts more than 15 years of international experience in the television industry. In 2014, together with Fabienne Fourquet, he founded the 2btube digital talent management company with more than 60 employees in 3 countries. In 2008, he founded BeBanjo, a software company that some of the most important companies in the television sector around the world have entrusted. BeBanjo was acquired in 2011 by the TDF Group in France, where Bastian joined the executive committee of Arkena, the Media Services division of TDF. Until 2008 Bastian was the general manager of On Demand Group (now Vubiquity), where he has been involved planning, managing and launching several PayTV and video on demand services in Europe and Latin America. Bastian speaks seven European languages and is an enthusiastic musician.

Maya Maidagán Digital Director at Globomedia.

Maya Maidagán is responsible for digital development at Globomedia, one of the leading producers in Spain. In her department she develops content with new creators for new audiences and channels, and she is the executive producer of the series “Soy Una Pringada” for Flooxer or the documentary series “GRL PWR” for PLAYZ, among others. She has been working ‘on the Internet’ since 2002 and what she likes most is to help in the digital transformation of content companies. She loves series, music, internet and popular culture in general.

Rodrigo EspinelDirector of Hitsbook Network.

Rodrigo Espinel holds a degree in Audiovisual Communication, a MBA Master’s Degree and a Master’s Degree in Cultural Industries Administration. He is also officially certified by YouTube in “Content Strategy” and “Audience Growth”. At a professional level, throughout his career he has participated in the production of diverse audiovisual projects in television, advertising, digital video and film both in Spain and in the United Kingdom, Peru and Mexico. He currently directs from Madrid Hitsbook Network, the Hitsbook Group’s B2C business line. He is also the creator of the specialized blog