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Kamikaze Camp

Pazo de Cultura

20:00 Opening

20:30 Screening Kamikaze Series


Pazo de Cultura

10:00 Accreditations collection

10:30 Television and native internet content: experiences and new platforms. With PlayZ, Flooxer, MTMAD and CRTVG. ▶ Streaming

12.00 In the search of digital talent. Production of audiovisual content for new media. With Playground, Globomedia, 2 btube and Hitsbook. ▶ Streaming

16:00 Webseries Official Section. International 1

17:00 PRO zone. Networking

17:30 Webseries Official Section. Spain 1

19:30 In Galician, under construction. Pitching of webseries projects in Galician.

21:00 Premiere: Hai Vida in Bran?


Pazo de Cultura

10:00 Trapped in the network, with Legal Tech. Small survival guide for teenagers with smartphones. ▶ Streaming

11:00 From the classroom to the network. Experiences of audiovisual creation in secondary school. With Ana Moreiras (Olloboi, IES La Cachada de Boiro), Manolo Gonzalez (IES Concepción Arenal, Ferrol) and Luis Miguel Pérez (IES El Castro, Vigo). ▶ Streaming

11:30 Ojo Cuidao. Live Radio Show. With Víctor Grande.

12:30 YouTube, Instagram and other digital mirrors. How we create our public identity on the internet. With Carolina Iglesias (Percebes and Grelos), Abigail Frias (Abi Power) and Beatriz Cepeda (Perra de Satán). ▶ Streaming

13:00 Matinee with MounQup

16:00 Electronic workshop for children, with Vermislab (from 9 years old)

16:00 Webseries Official Section. Spain 2

17:00 Workshop: Video narratives in social networks. Complex content vs. Mass audiences, with Playground.

17:30 Webseries Official Section. International 2

19:00 Youtubeir@s MeetingStreaming

20:30 Premiere. Playz: The cold point.

A Barra Bar

23h00. Show with David Perdomo.


Pazo de Cultura

10:00 Trends, multimedia and journalism for millennials. Conversation with Iago Fernández (Tentaciones), Guillermo Carreras-Candi & Josune Imizcoz (Playground), Noa Cide (VICE Spain) and Beatriz Cepeda (Yasss).

10:30 Electronic workshop for children, with Vermislab (from 6 years old)

11:30 How we stuffed the networks with Operación Triunfo. Conversation with Carolina Iglesias and Belena Gaynor.

13:00 Once all this was mambo. Audiovisual Sourcecode with Carlangas, from Novedades Carminha

16:00 Webseries Official Section. International 3

17:30 Webseries Official Section. Spain 3

19:00 Talk with Abi Power: What beauty did not exist. With Teresa Segura, Perra de Satán and Belena Gaynor

21:00 Closing Gala: Women and technology: an impossible union?, with Akira Valero.

American Dreams

00h00. Closing concert with IGMIG and DJ Percebes y Grelos

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