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Closing party

With IGMIG + Percebes y Grelos DJ

In an interview, IGMIG spoke of their music as “something between childish serialism and naive epic”. It is a definition that sounds like an absurd joke, but at the same time it is quite accurate: the unusual mix of styles practiced by this trio of virtuous musicians forces us to force the imagination to catalog it. Post-punk, progressive rock, funky, electronic or elements of classical music are combined under the umbrella of a delirious mood that makes them a rare example of hilarious experimentation. Basically, it could not be otherwise if we take into account that the members of IGMIG have gone through projects as diverse as the improvisation orchestra O.M.E.G.A., the Mercedes Peón band, Os Podridos or A Roda.

Carolina Iglesias (Percebesygrelos) is a scriptwriter, comedian, youtuber, radio and TV conductor, Operación Triunfo commentator, show-woman … and also DJ. With a musical culture without complexes, between the millennial hits and the nostalgia of the past decade, the party, the dance and singing together holding the drink like a microphone is more than guaranteed.