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Sonia Méndez


Before the imposed austerity measures, mobility and the official statements of “look out for yourself”, a whole generation of Galician talent was already using a wide range of guerrilla strategies. Sonia Méndez is the perfect example and an emblematic member of this generation: she can not only act in films (“Rafael” by Xavier Bermúdez, “Unha Muller Invisible” by Gerardo Herrero or “El Sexo de los Ángeles” by Xavier Villaverde) but also TV series (“Terra de Miranda” and “Os Atlánticos” in TVG-Galician Public TV, “Cuéntame” in TVE-Spanish Public TV). She has directed a number of short films (selected and awarded in many film festivals), co-produces her own webseries “Angélica & Roberta”, coordinates Carballo Interplay and curates film programmes for collectives such as Casa Tomada in A Coruña and events as WOS INC in Santiago de Compostela.

Trained in various schools – in Galicia, Spain and beyond, of interpretation, script, directing actors, dramatic construction and production, cut her teeth in the daily struggle of creative people. There are very few tasks in the audiovisual field that Sonia can not carry out. She is well known for her ubiquity and ability to work, but also for her ability to laugh and have fun.

Ana Dixital


She is a catalyst of energy and resources. The tougher it gets to sort out something, the easier it will be to see Ana tying up loose ends and leaving all sewn up. She earned the nickname dixital by her own merit, but the way she became a skilled producer was after years of hard work in festivals such as Wos Inc, Womex, Reperkusión, S8, Sanfroidance, OUFF, Festival Galego de Cabaré and, of course, Carballo Interplay. She has also worked in all sorts of events such as Culturgal, María Casares Awards and in companies like Festikultores, Froq Eventos and Lúa Films. She is in her element working behind the scenes.

Active, proactive, passionate about music, hangout lover (there is time enough for everything), and, above all, dixital*… if you ever get in trouble, just need to ask: where is Ana Dixital?

(*Where does Ana Dixital’s nickname come from? In a non-scientific survey made amongst a dozen festivals, 40% stated that they thought that was her surname; 30% said nonsense and everybody else chose NR. But the truth is that 99% were happy to hear about her)

María Yáñez


Maria is a journalist, researcher and producer of digital content. She has worked for 15 years in film, television and internet, and half of them exploring the intersections between these media. She specialises in interactive narratives, web content and audiovisual distribution and promotion on the Internet. She is a partner and co-founder of A Navalla Suíza, a web communication company, and co­editor of, a project around contemporary audiovisual communication and open source culture.

Works independently as a professor of digital stories and interactive documentary, and designing and implementing strategies for digital content and online communication for several projects related to the audiovisual. During the last year she has been busy with: distribution and promotion of the film Encallados, events and social media coordination at Carballo Interplay, launch of Screenly, an on-demand distribution film platform for cinemas and the coordination of the Doc Next Network film archive, an European Cultural Foundation project to boost the creation of new socially engaged audiovisual discourse among young people across Europe. She is a CD Lugo and Dépor football supporter. She has a dog. She cooks all right.

Sandra Lesta

Awards gala and webseries

Her career in the performing arts starts in Santiago de Compostela, at Espacio Aberto school. Then joins the group Malasombra Producciones, where she will be leading actress for two years, combining her role as Director and Professor of Theatre at Escuela de Teatro of Negreira, where she is still working. She is also the author of several Certamen Provincial da Coruña awarded plays for children and teenagers that will be published soon. Creator, scriptwriter and actress in the webseries “Angélica & Roberta”-winner of the 2013 Mestre Mateo Prize in the category of best webseries, and event coordinator at Carballo Interplay.

Sonia Díaz


With a degree in Journalism, Sonia devoted the first years in her career to expand her knowledge travelling and taking several courses. She did a degree in Cultural Studies in United Kingdom, a PhD in Audiovisual Communication in Barcelona, an MA in Cultural Management in Chile and is an ICEX advisor in Entrepreneurial Internationalisation. In 2008 she established herself in the Galician countryside and, from here, works on numerous cultural projects as coordinator of communication and creative content. She has designed and implemented communications strategies for various festivals, markets and trade fairs in different disciplines. Works independently as a professor of cultural communication. Also coordinates communication of various projects of all sizes and disciplines, such as publishing houses Galaxia and Mar Maior, Festival de Cans, Festival Reperkusión, Festival Son Rías Baixas, Festival Agrogay da Ulloa, Carballo Interplay, Escolma de Cinema Galego in Sarria and some stage plays by de Eme2, Inversa, Culturactiva and Os sete magníficos. Although she is quite focused on strategic communications, she sometimes works as scriptwriter and content manager for literary, photographic or exhibition projects. She used to have a blog.

Tamara de la Fuente

Social Media

Tamara is a photographer, astronaut and cultural agitator. She returned to Galicia 5 years ago, because she was missing lacón con grelos (typical Galician dish) and coffee liquor. Combines her work as a photographer with others in communications and cultural management. She works in all the following festivals WOS INC, Play doc, Curtocircuíto and CIP.

Her motto is: full speed ahead!

David Méndez Alonso

Art Director

David is a visual artist who creates magnificent imaginaries arranged on different media. His vibrant patterns and acid sculptures cover all the brightness of the colour palettes. Constantly busy working on projects including fashion, publishing or creating large format gouache paintings with his well known pop imaginary. The references to David are, amongst others, Matisse, Morrissey, Jodorowsky and the yellow colour.

He has created Carballo Interplay’s trophies of former editions.

Alberto Perancho

Graphic Design

Designer from Asturias who works creating both small and large solutions, online and offline for a wide range of clients in art, fashion, culture and commerce. He has worked for brands such as PULL & BEAR, Warner Music Spain, FICARQ, E.A.O., Miel de Moscas, Ewan Clothing, Gijón City Council, Edelsten Bikes and Siroko.

Visual culture and music lover, this 34-year-old from Gijón has been able to exhibit his works with the likes of Osmán Granda, Hey, Astrid Stravro, Atipo and Manuel Estrada in exhibitions such as Showusyourtype or MOTIVA; design conferences where he has also been a lecturer with Clase Barcelona’s Daniel Ayuso and Visual magazine’s Álvaro Sobrino.

Miriam Rodríguez

Production assistant, translator

She holds an MA in Film Production and Management and has worked for several Galician production companies. Went to London to study for a year and ended up staying for four. Her most exotic project so far was the production of the feature film “Una Noche” in La Habana. She currently works for Brit Es Magazine and for several Galician festivals such as (S8) Mostra Internacional de Cinema Periférico, Curtocircuíto, Play Doc and, of course, Carballo Interplay.

Sabela Cinza

Production assistant and runner

She studied Audiovisual Communication in Salamanca, for the specialisation in cinema and for devotion. Inside the campus, gets in touch with radio and gets hooked. When finishing her degree,  she moved to Madrid to study a Masters in Audiovisual Production, where she learned new ways and future paths. The job market takes her back to Salamanca to work at Punto Radio first and later at RTVCyL . She studies there her second Masters, in Audiovisual Speech. In 2011 she returned to Galicia to be part of a project that she fell in love with from the beginning and where she discovered that another kind of communication is possible: communication for development. Through Agareso, she coordinated for a year the radio station of A Lama Penitentiary Center, gave workshops within the prison and in several Cogami centres.This chapter of her life ended with sadness and tears, but a new one began when she felt the call of production, for which she felt a crazy attraction since she was studying and continues to excite her with each new project in which she takes part.

Fran Arnoso “Pixi”

Screenings and copies

Holds a degree in Photography at Mestre Mateo School. His career spans everything related to photography and film. While living in London, his permanent curiosity took him to take several courses in photo and video. Vocationally self taught, sees the light with an instruction manual in his hands. He worked in the production teams of feature films such as Mar Adentro, La Promesa, La Vida Que Te Espera, Trece Campanadas and foreign movies like Una Noche, BruderIII and One Day in Europe. Director of photography and cameraman in National VI, a documentary by Pela del Álamo, and in several short films where he is often also editor and colourist. As photographer, he works in projects related to fashion, theatre and music.

Since 2005, works at Curtocircuito International Film Festival (Santiago de Compostela, Spain) in production, programming and as technical manager.

David Tombilla


The other David holds a degree in film and audiovisual communications. An active associate of Pontevedra’s Liceo Mutante, he has photographed most of the Galician and Spanish underground, as well as festivals such as Primavera Sound, Resurrection Fest and WOS Inc. He collaborates with magazines of all sorts and is the editor of his own fanzine “Mutant Mind”.

He likes eating pizza and watching the series B.

Manuel Silva

Video coverage

Multidisciplinary artist, with degrees in Sculpture, Illustration and Graphic Design at EASD Mestre Mateo (Santiago de Compostela) and Pablo Picasso (A Coruña). He did also film studies at ECIB in Barcelona. In a continuous professional evolution, combines all the aforementioned and also takes part in a number of artistic interventions and exhibitions.

His career started in teaching and graphic design. In recent years he has specialised in film working in animation projects such as “Leo” and “O Apóstolo” and filming and directing documentaries like “Ejes” and “FAC” (work in progress). He also created his own film company, “Edición Rusa”, to give coverage to artistic and cultural contents. He worked as an editor for TV programs in Voz TV and was show-runner in a number of broadcasts for TVG-Galician Public TV. He does web design and layouts for several institutional bodies.

Víctor González Guillán

Web Designer

Full time Matrix software architect; buddhist monk when he decides to have his medications and choses the red pill; and just sometimes, may be because of the excitement after a Ben Frost gig or for the almost eternal waiting for his annual appointment with Nils Frahm,: he collaborates, develops and fights in everything that comes up and catches his attention.