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Isa calderón

Scriptwriter and journalist she has been working for a number of years with different media outlets, such as Vogue, El Español or Tentaciones and doing film reviews at Cadena SER’s La Script. She started there doing her “strong reviews”, which later were transformed in audiovisual with the support of Atresmedia, and became a Youtube sensation for the way in which she splits films up from a feminist and humorous point of view.

Rubén Ontiveros

Web-series pioneer in Spain, he is the creator of “Qué vida más triste”, the first series created for the Internet which succeeded between 2006 and 2009, and then, were broadcasted at TV channel LaSexta. Ontiveros has also a long career as scriptwriter for TV comedy programs such as ETB’s “Vaya semanita” (ETB), TVE’s “Made in China” and Telecinco’s “La noche de José Mota” and also in several online fiction formats, viral advertising and branded content. He currently works for “Vergüenza ajena” (MTV) and “Homo Zapping” (NEOX), together with the TV series “La Pelu” (TVE), and developing fiction and entertainment contents for the production company El Terrat.

Giselle Llanio

Filmmaker and show-runner. She worked in TV series such as “Mareas Vivas” and “Nada es para siempre”. She directed TV shows such as “Supermartes”, TV series as “Libro de Familia” and miniseries as “Dalia, a modista” for which she was nominated for “Best director” at Mestre Mateo awards’ last edition. She is currently the director of the sixth season of “Pazo de Familia” TV series.

Javi Camino

Founder of Magnetova, one of the most prolific videoclip production companies in Galicia. Director of TV series such as “Casa Manola”, shortfilms as “Lvoluten Osken” and “A consulta do dr. Natalio”… and the class Z film “Maldito Bastardo”. Nowadays he is directing his first documentary feature: “Nación de muchachos”. Fanatic of class B movies and pop culture, he writes often in digital media as Tentaciones, Vice and Notodo.


Javier Trigales

Scriptwriter and cultural manager. He worked for several years in leading TV shows such as “El Intermedio” and “Sé lo que hicisteis”. He currently works as a film programmer and curator for a number of museums and festivals. Likewise, he is a film critic for several media and has contributed to ten collective books. He is also the author of the script of the feature film “Viejos”, winner of the award to the best international project at Sitges Film Festival in 2016.