Program CIP 17 2017-04-08T23:08:40+00:00


Pazo da Cultura

16:00. Opening CIP 2017, with the attendance of the jury members: Rubén Ontiveros, Isa Calderón, Javi Camino, Javier Trigales (AGAG) and Giselle Llanio (CREA).

19:00. In Galician, under construction. Pitching of web-series projects in Galician. Jury members: Xose Regueira (Carballo town councilman of Economic Growth), Sonia Méndez (Carballo Interplay director) and Mafalda González (Content Manager in Flooxer).

21:30. Feature film premiere “Fogueo” by David Sainz. With the attendance of the director and the producer Teresa Segura.


Forum Carballo

10:00. Youtubers panel: Isa Calderón and Los Prieto Flores.

11.00. Launch of Youtubeir@s.

11:30. Youtubers panel: Soyunapringada and Percebesygrelos.

13:00. Launch of MoLab.

Pazo da Cultura

19:00. Humour on the net: master-class with Rubén Ontiveros.

20:30. Audiovisual Source Code with Chévere.

22:30. Worldwide premiere of Porco Bravu’s Peter Brandon.

>> 16:00 – 19:00. For kids. Stop-motion workshop (with Illa Bufarda).


Forum Carballo

10:00. Professionalisation of audiovisual content on the internet. Panel with the participation of Mafalda González-Alegre (Flooxer), Borja Prieto and Natalia Flores (Está pasando) and Teresa Segura and David Sainz (Diffferent Entertainment).

11:30. TV in the times of Twitter. Panel with the participation of Javi Mos (Land Rober Tunai Show), Pilar Rodríguez (Luar) and Miguel López (El Hematocrítico).

13:00. Vermouth session with CREA.

>>10:30 – 12:30. For kids. Electronics workshop with VermisLAB.

Pazo da Cultura

19:00. At home with Los Prieto Flores.

21:30. Closing ceremony “Brief history of the Internet” with Sergio Zearreta.

>> 16:00 – 20:00. For kids. Robotics workshop with VermisLAB.

A Barra Bar

24:00. Party featuring DJ Soyunapringada.