Women in video games and eSports + Presentation of ‘Nerfeadas’, documentary about sexism in video games 2020-11-07T15:37:07+00:00

Women in video games and eSports + Presentation of ‘Nerfeadas’, documentary about sexism in video games

With Minia Monteagudo “Samku” and Marina Amores “Blissy”

Video games are presented as one of the most innovative industries but in terms of equality, diversity and inclusion are very late with respect to other cultural industries. Why does this happen? Marina Amores, “Blissy”, directs the Nerfeadas documentary series which addresses the issue of sexism in the videogame industry from different areas. We will also have the testimony of Minia “Samku” Monteagudo, commentator and educator of eSports with special emphasis on the gender perspective.


Born in Santiago de Compostela in 1999, started her esports journey as an enthusiastic fan of competitive League of Legends. The discovery of this new world awoke in her a keen interest in esports in general. When Blizzard Ent. announced their new FPS Overwatch in 2016, she saw in it a chance to take her passion for esports to the next level, and spent countless hours not only playing Overwatch, but also discovering the technical aspects of it in detail and developing a deep understanding of the game. Her academic career in Philosophy and Musicology would take her to Madrid, where she came in contact with the competitive Overwatch Spanish scene and soon would be discovered and brought onboard by TitanMedia, the company entrusted with producing competitive Overwatch in Castilian. She continues to work as a caster and analyst for Overwatch, as well as being an esports content creator and journalist with a keen focus on the gender perspective, and she carries on with her studies at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.


Born in 1991 in Palma de Mallorca, she graduated in 2014 in Audiovisual Communication in Barcelona, where she currently resides. In 2016 she completed her Master in Theory and Practice of Creative Documentary. She has worked for Eurogamer.es, PlayGround and several companies in the videogame sector such as UPlay Online and Barspin Studios. Videogames journalist in physical magazines: SFX and EDGE Spain. She currently writes video game news for Mundo Deportivo. Author of several documentaries and specialized in video games and gender, she is the main organizer of Gaming Ladies, an event dedicated to the video game industry and exclusive to women. Coordinator and co-author of ‘Protesto!’, the first set of essays in Spanish that discusses videogames from a gender perspective. Director of ‘Nerfeadas’, documentary series about machismo in video games.