Technologies for the (re)construction of virtual worlds 2020-11-09T18:39:09+00:00

Technologies for the (re)construction of virtual worlds

With Carlos Seijo (Maxina) andy Toño Cabanelas (Liveforevr). In collaboration with CREA, Asociación Galega de Proferionais da Dirección e da Realización. 

In times of social distance, in which interactions are more than ever mediated by the screen, technologies emerge to create new worlds but also to bring us closer to the worlds we already know. Digital effects, virtual and mixed reality or artificial intelligence present us with amazing creative possibilities, both in the audiovisual industry and in art and cultural heritage.

Carlos Seijo

The thin red line between fiction and reality

From the transformation of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe into Dragonstone to the resurrection of Salvador Dalí or virtual attendance at events. Carlos Seijo will talk about emerging technologies such as deepfake or virtual and mixed reality, while he will present several of the projects he has created in front of the Maxina studio.

Carlos Seijo is a Galician creator of audiovisual narratives, whose current exploration is closely linked to emerging technologies such as virtual reality content, photogrammetry, real-time 3D rendering or augmented reality. With these tools, Carlos has developed outstanding pieces such as Bacon Room VR for the Guggenheim in Bilbao or Mamut VR for the exhibition Nuestro Planeta by Netflix and Afundación.

Toño Cabanelas

Extended reality, emerging arts and cultural heritage

Toño presents at the Carballo Interplay Liveforevr, an immersive and dystopian fanzine that collects cultural heritage in XR (Extended Reality), promoted by a group of creators and curators of 3D content on music, photography, cinema, video games and art. Its objective is to respond to a new generation of creators and audiences who demand new audiovisual digital means of expression: immersive, augmented, interactive and accessible.

Toño Cabanelas is a technological artist, promoter and developer of Immersive Art located between Galicia and Madrid. His work was pioneered around the world in several projects on extended reality, where he is an expert in capturing and creating 3D volumetry, spatial audio and interactive environment programming for VR / AIR / XR / AI / Deep Learning. He has specialized in design of interactive experiences based on the fusion of art, science and technology. Under his direction, a multitude of high-impact projects have been created for different international companies and organizations: Apple, Samsung, Spain’s Ministry of Culture and Sports, IED, SALE Institute, EFTI School, BBVA Foundation, Prado Museum, Real Madrid, Madrid Fashion Week, Estrella Galicia, Inditex, Fundación Telefónica, Jean Paul Gaultier, Jaguar, BMW_ MINI, Festival Sinsal, Fringe Festival, TEK Fest or WOS Festival.