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Podgalego meeting

With Isaac González (Podgalego), Iria Veiga (Sónica Cuántica, Burán), Carlos Pereiro (A gruta de Gizamaluke) and Té con Gotas

Despite the consumption of podcasts is not too popular in Galicia, the production of content in this format has been in the works for years. Every time there are more initiatives in our language and more diverse in song to themes and approaches. With the help of Podgalego, a web that within time compiles all the podcasts made in our language, we will have some two more interesting ones today, specialized in the dissemination of science, music, video games, politics or emigration.

Isaac González

Isaac González, born in Lugo and professor in computer science, has worked on various cultural projects related to music, radio and podcasts such as e-music in CuacFM, Radio Oceánica in Radio Galega, Sono-tone magazine and others. He currently participates in the Sexto grao and Burán podcasts on Radio Campus Culturae. He also created and managed since 2006 Podgalego, a directory that lists podcasts in Galician.

Iria Veiga

Iria Veiga, Ferrol, 1981. Psychiatrist and educator, participates with Javier Balea in the Concienciadas video section of Praza Pública. In addition, she is part of the crew of the Burán aircraft, a podcast of the Radio CampusCulturae radio station in which Isaac González, Nela Fraga, Mario Regueira and more talk about various topics from the perspective of contemporary culture, and play music while they orbit planet earth. Radio CampusCulturae is also launching the Sónica Cuántica podcast, in which she tries to bring classical music to a wide audience with a sense of humor.

Carlos Pereiro

Graduated in Journalism by USC, most of his working life is associated with La Voz de Galicia and its various supplements: Fugas, RED, On, etc. exercising his double face of local and cultural journalism. In September 2018, Revista Morcego was born to cover an almost virgin land: information in Galician about video games, shortly after starting with his weekly podcast, ‘A Gruma de Gizamaluke’, with the idea of keep talking about video games using a different format. He is currently part of the Galician Video Game Muxeo Foundation (which is just about to be brought to life).

Té con gotas

Té con Gotas is a podcast of ideas recorded from London. Journalists Miguel Rodríguez and Duarte Romero Varela talk about the great challenges facing the United Kingdom in a post-Brexit world and interview Galician immigrants who are doing interesting things, either within the community or in the professional world.