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Playlist: ages and generations of Galician Youtube

With Miguel Silva Conde (Alque-e)

Galician language was present on YouTube since the opening of the platform. At the beginning, randomly and occasionally, but immediately contents specific for the network were made. Along the time they have been changing their forms and themes, so it is necessary to make a periodization of our history on YouTube. The youtubeiro Miguel Silva (Aquele) will make us a guided (and screened) tour through this History.


As soon as he finished his Degree in Galician Language and Literature and while he was still not working, Miguel Silva decided to open a YouTube channel under the name of Aquel-e. Without knowing very well where he was going, he started mixing his passions and turning the channel into a place where you can talk from Castelao to Kim Kardashian, passing through Galician icon Ana Kiro. The wide interest in this new perspective in the history of Galicia led him to leave the camera and face live shows. With this object he created Galicia Pop, a talk-monologue with which he has already visited more than 30 secondary schools. After a while he wanted to take the performance to the extreme and he did it through music, composing “Que nos pille rebolando”, a reggaeton that was the song of the summer in the TVG in 2019.