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Estirando el chicle

Live podcast with Carolina Iglesias (Percebes y grelos) and Victoria Martín (Living Postureo)

“Stretching the gum” is a podcast where Carolina Iglesias and Victoria Martín rave about things. We had a more thorough description but in the end we were left with what that is about: ranting and raving. Sometimes there are guests, but that does not distract us from RANTING AND RAVING.


Carolina Iglesias (Oleiros, 1993) is a screenwriter, comedian and show hostess. She made herself known in the Operación Triunfo Chat and collaborating on Yu (Los 40) and La Hora Yutuber by Vodafone Yu. Known online as Percebesygrelos, in her YouTube channel she talks about all her passions: pop culture, Galicia and Eurovision. She broadcasts the Eurovision Festival for the RTVE website since 2016, interviews people while having a drink and acted a sleeping role in Paquita Salas, a milestone in her career. She has participated in various television formats such as Zapeando (La Sexta), Lo Siguiente (TVE) or Ilustres Ignorantes (Movistar +) but also in digital platforms as a reporter in Verano Influencer (MTmad), collaborated in Problemas del Primer Mundo (Flooxer) and inn OTVision (Playz). In 2018 she published the poem book “El amor, qué movida”, a compilation of poems born from heartbreak in which pop culture and feelings flourish in each verse.


Victoria Martín de la Cova (Madrid, 1989) is a journalist, screenwriter and television and radio collaborator. She is co-creator of the YouTube channel ‘Living Postureo’ and collaborator in Yu No Te Pierdas Nada in FM Europe. Victoria has worked as a screenwriter for La Resistencia, by David Broncano, as a collaborator for Las Que Faltaban, by Movistar +, and has participated in different formats at the Comedy Central channel. She is also co-creator and hostess of the Problemas del Primer Mundo show, a format of Flooxer, Neox and Europa FM.