Closing ceremony 2020-11-09T18:42:47+00:00

Love in digital

Xoan Manoel Esparís, disseminator for diminishing beings (as he defines himself) will be in charge of conducting the closing gala of the VII Edition of the Carballo Interplay Festival. Surely all of you will remember him for documentaries of great scientific depth such as “Brain waves float because you can’t see them” or “Atoms play in their spare hours” and for being the author, among others, of the essays “The bitter dream of an android in love” or “Traveling the Milky Way on my scooter”. Xoan Manoel on this occasion will address the keys to Love in Digital with his peculiar method to understand this new way of relating between human beings because… Who does not want to love, whatever the format?

Direction: Sandra Lesta
Presented by Xose Barato.