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A new Instagram profile promises to reveal all the secrets behind the students who attend the Carlos Casares University, creating a climate of distrust in which everyone is asking… who is behind this new profile?

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Os 20 do XX

How was Galicia in the 20s of the 20th century? These animation explanatory videos take a look at the Galician society of 100 years ago.

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Capitán Breomán

When the eccentric musician and ex-superhero Matthew Leslie goes bankrupt, he has to return to his secret identity as Captain Breomán to save the city of New Brigantia and himself.

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Save e amigos

In 2013, Save went viral by means of his missing leopard jacket. Seven years later, he returns to YouTube to try to resume his failed career.

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Mataría Microserie

“Mataría” are microchapters in which Pedro Brandariz expresses the anger that certain people makes him feel, such as people who scoop the yogurts to the last drop too much, people who don’t pick up phone calls…

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Adegas da memoria

An audiovisual and ethno-archaeological project focused on the community and landscape of the Vilachá parish, at the heart of Ribeira Sacra.


We are Sara, Edu and Xela: We are S.E.X.! In this channel we are going to talk about sexuality, bodies, desires, intimate relationships … Boom! S.E.X. is a Sexual Education Project designed primarily to teenagers. It features 6 chapters with a maximum duration of 12 minutes.

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