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Les Retrouvailles

The Argaud family begins their vacation away from their stressful city and their scandalous neighbors, the Foissards, but… it may not be so easy to part with your neighbors even on vacation!

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“The Basque Girls”. Three young women having fun and struggling together.

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No Llegamos

The hard reality that young people must face while entering the AV industry.

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IXA the mobile series presents 6 independent stories that revolve around the use of time and non-places: spaces where people become simple numbers.

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El banco

Short stories of humor around a bench, starring multiple characters.



Gente hablando. Temporada 2

GENTE HABLANDO is a series that addresses universal issues through everyday conversations between two or more characters. Through them the viewer is invited to a deep reflection.

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Nosaltres 2

Laura is beginning her second year of high school affected by many insecurities as a result of her previous year. However, when she meets Nil, a new classmate, everything changes.

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Sopa de limón

Adela and Montse share mediocrity in a 29m2 flat, where life reminds them that they belong to a generation without a future. Very unfortunate events will make their life take an unexpected turn.

Clara Cortés

Clara Cortés shares with us, in the form of an interview, her passion for her profession: being a waitress.

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Carolina and Victoria are two comedians that have participated in many shows, media, fictions, actions with brands … But lately, every format they touch, is automatically canceled. Nothing is going well and their presence, both in social networks and in media, is plummeting. When it seems that everything is lost, Carolina and Victoria decide to join forces to try to get notoriety, pretending they are romantic partners, although they are aware that it is not the most ethical, nor the most professional decision. At this point, all they want is to be relevant. That, and also a little money. Our protagonists will do everything possible to achieve their goal, even if they destroy their professional careers, their dreams, or anything that may get in their way. For them, now more than ever, EVERYTHING GOES.

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