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Stu, my name is Stu

Hi, I am Stu. My name is Stu. I am an actor and this show is about my journey. Welcome to the adventures of a wannabe actor in London, city full of dreams, doomed auditions and awkward flatmates. Be prepared to meet my compulsive liar agent, my “lovely” and unsupportive mum and all the crazy Londoners I’ll meet along the journey. 

Reino Unido

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Unidad funcional

An interactive fiction that narrates stories that happen in a building in Buenos Aires. In each apartment a different story takes place: the essence of each one lies in the initimacy of its characters.


Pez gordo

Abel (35) and Cesar (47), a taxi driver and a bicycle shop employee, take advantage of the weekend to go fishing. By accident, they find packages floating in the river entangled in some river plants, with 100 kg of marijuana inside. Cesar insists on getting rid of them as soon as possible, but Abel sees it as an opportunity to solve his economic problems. They decide to enter a dangerous and sinister world that they do not know to sell the “merchandise”.


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Captain Penguin on Piggy Island (Spanish version)

Captain Penguin is starving in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. His snuffbox and rum-barrels are empty – and he is nearly out of roast pork. Suddenly a mysterious island appears out of nowhere…


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A young journalist from La Plata wonders about the possibility of having healthy relationships, enjoying work and building her own version of freedom as a feminist.


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Five young adults; Lisbon as a background; one single day. Each episode follows a different character, some will cross paths and get involved, others will never see each other.



A house throughout a century. The different stories of those who lived or stepped there, from the present to the past. A supernatural entity inhabits the place and nothing and no one can stop it.


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The blue marble

At the Universal Soul Assignment office a soul, Charlie has been stuck on the Blue Marble line for eternity.  A victim of red tape, he struggles to unravel the incomprehensible rules and regulations which have prevented him from fulfilling his destiny since the Big Bang.


Silvia y la junta del curso

Comedy that follows the thoughts and reflections of Silvia, an introverted millennial, as the unpleasant day of her 10-year reunion of former schoolmates. Designed specifically in Instagram Stories format, it already has 3 seasons and more than 27 million views. Produced by Cristobal Ross, written and directed by Berni Olmedo, illustrator for @bruta_queesbruta, and Pamela Barboza, creator and actress of the webseries @psicoticasinseguras, who also stars in the series.


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Exiliados is an intimate look into the lives of characters having left their home country to start a new life in the nordic landscape of Quebec.


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O meu sangue

Half of the world’s population menstruates. Despite its normality, this subject is still kept inside the boundaries of private life. If we don’t speak about it or if we don’t see it, it doesn’t exist.


The Coroner

Webseries with a unique concept: The Coroner autopsies for you the most striking deaths of pop culture. From Tony Montana to Marion Crane (Psycho), discover the secrets from cult death scenes from cinema!



Victoria becomes obsessed with finding Tony, which will lead her to dive herself in the queer world of Buenos Aires and discover a community that professes the equality of people regardless of gender.


The last youtuber

Apocalyptic comedy about millenials surviving the zombie apocalipse with a youtuber as protagonist. For one lonely year, they were just three young boys until one day, when they find someone… and it’s a woman.