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All the activities are free access until capacity is reached * (see below for exceptions)



Kamikaze Camp

Pazo da Cultura

20:00 Opening

20:30 Screening Kamikaze Series


Pazo da Cultura

9:30 Accreditations collection

10:00. Panel. In front of the camera and on social networks: interpreters or influencers?

11:15. Panel. How are stories told in the digital world? 

12:45. Meeting with the guest country: Argentina.

16:00 Webseries Official Section.

16:30. Panel. How did the internet change the way of producing?

17:30. Digital talent jam-session.

17:30 Webseries Official Section.

19:30 In Galician, under construction. Pitching of webseries projects in Galician.

21:00. Premiere: Sígueme

22:00. Jirafas Podcast. Live show.


Pazo da Cultura

10:oo. Talk. Neither Muses nor Second-Class: The Women Who Created the Video Game Industry. With Isabel Cano.

11:30. Meeting with Galician online creators (I). With Marcos López (Tele Jaita), Miguel Silva Conde (Aquel-e), Laura Cruxeiras (Corasón de Churrasco, Blanca & Tinta) e Juan Gimel.

16:00. Webseries Official Section.

17:00. Girls Make Games. Videogame creation workshop for girls.

17:30. Webseries Official Section.

20h. Flooxer preview: “Terror y feria”

21h. Audiovisual Source Code. Online autopoetics with Aldaolado.

22h. Show  “Hermostra”. With Charo López and Malena Pichot.


Pazo de Cultura

11:00 – 13:30. Masterclass: How to create for a YouTube channel? TikTak Draw explains!

11:00. Twitter’s fiction narratives. Talk with Manuel Bartual and El Hematocrítico.

12:00. Sorority networks in the digital world. Talk with Anabel Lorente, Lula Gómez, Rocío Quillahuaman and Isabel Cano.

16:00. Webseries Official Section.

17:00. Meeting with Galician online creators (II). With Alba Mancebo, Edu Fernández, Olaxonmario and María Mera.

17:30. Webseries Official Section.

19:00. Show: At home with the Prieto Flores. With Los Prieto Flores, Charo López, Malena Pichot, El Hematocrítico, Rocío Quillahuaman, Lula Gómez.

21:00. Closing gala. Hosted by Alberto Rolán.

American Dreams

00.00. Closing party with Rapariga DJ.

* Except workshops and professional activities, which require prior registration