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Thursday, April 4 at the conference room of Pazo da Cultura de Carballo.

A meeting to know the new online forms of creation, production and management of audiovisual talent, from the diversity of perspectives from each sector. In collaboration with the professional audiovisual associations of Galicia. With:

Playz (RTVE digital) Flooxer (Atresmedia), MediaproLabsPortocaboIngenio InteractivaAsubío MediaComarea Cast.

Guest country: Argentina,  INCAAUN3BAWebFest, Macaco Films

With the collaboration of


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9:30 am. Acreditations sign-in.
10 am. Panel. In front of the camera and on social networks: interpreters or influencers?
11:15 am. Panel. How did the internet change the way of producing?
12:45 pm. Meeting with the guest country: Argentina.
4:30 pm. Panel. How are stories told in the digital world?
5:30 pm. Digital talent jam-session
6:30 pm. Pro Area closing.


9:30 am. Accreditations sign-in at the Pazo da Cultura’s auditorium.

10 am -11:15 am. Panel. In front of the camera and on social networks: interpreters or influencers?

In collaboration with the Association of Actors and Actresses of Galicia (AAAG).

The online projection of actors, actresses and communicators in general is increasingly important in the industry, as it sets a new way of reaching the public. But how relevant should the number of followers be when it comes to choosing a cast? Do actors and actresses know how to manage online their brand? Is having a powerful online profile a gateway to get to work in the audiovisual industry? We will discuss these topics with actresses who work (or not) their online image, with an actors’ representative, producers and also with a digital communication professional who works with influencers and brands.

Participants: Lucía Regueiro (actress and presenter), Amalia Mato (representative and producer), Román Camba (Ingenio Interactiva) and María Vázquez (actress). Moderator: Iria Sobrado, actress, on behalf of the AAAG.

Lucía Regueiro

A regular face in the small screen, Regueiro made her debut as an actress in the series “Mareas Vivas” as a teenager. Among other works she was part of the main cast of the long-lived “Libro de Familia”, over more than 300 episodes she played nurse Aitana Terol in “Amar eres para siempre”, and since 2014 she has starred in the rural thriller “Serramoura” in the role of Sergeant Marga Neira. In the field of theater she has worked with companies such as Teatro do Atlántico, Espello Cóncavo, Teatro do Aquí, Emedous or the Galician Dramatic Center. She was twice nominated for the María Casares theater awards and for the Maestro Mateo awards in the categories of leading actress and television communicator. Graduated in Journalism by the University of Santiago de Compostela, she began her career as a presenter in the iconic Luar program, and is one of the usual faces of Galician Television’s galas. She has just presented the first season of the comedy “Bad Will”, and currently leads the program “Bamboleo” in prime time on Saturday night in the regional public channel. She has 23,000 followers on Facebook, 8,500 on Twitter and more than 14,000 on Instagram.

María Vázquez

María Vázquez has just won her third Maestro Mateo Award for the leading role in the movie “Trote”, and is a finalist for the María Casares Awards for her role in the theatrical production “A Leituga”. In her extensive career she has more than a dozen works in cinema, such as “O ano da carracha”, “Mataharis” (for which she was a finalist at the Goya Awards), “18 comidas”, “Doesntes” or “María e os demais”, and on the small screen she has starred in the telefilms” Mar libre” and “O club da calceta” for TVG as well as series such as “Padre Casares”, “As Leis de Celavella”, “Hospital Real” or “Augasquentes”. In theater she has worked with directors such as Victor Duplá, Rubén Ochandiano and Andrés Lima. She is also a theatrical pedagogy and production professional, and was part of the directive board of the Galician Audiovisual Academy. She does not have any social networks profiles for professional use although in the last few months she has created a character, Maruxa Tomei, who parodies the world of influencers by teaching “How to be a successful actress in several steps, none of which will have to do with acting”.

Amalia Mato

Audiovisual producer, Mato began in the 90s with the short films “O Matachín”, “Coruña imposible” or “Isolina do Caurel” and has extensive experience in fiction, documentaries, animation and entertainment, being responsible for projects such as “Mareas Vivas” , “Nada es para siempre”, “Terra de Miranda”, “El espíritu del Bosque”, “Con Perdón”, “Cos pés na terra”, “Reliquias” … Currently she is CEO in Recrea Films . In 2015 she created the actor and actress agency Comarea Cast.

Román Camba Nogueira

Trained as an engineer and economist, Camba has been working in the digital sector for over 17 years. His experience in the sector includes being the founder of the agency Ingenio Interactiva, director of the digital agency of the Isobar – Aegis Media / Dentsu group, or being involved in digital projects such as Vippter or GamersWalk (eSports) , as well as being an external consultant and collaborator for several national agencies. In the years he has been leading the agencies he has founded he has been involved in the strategies and digital projects of clients such as Audi, VW, Estrella Galicia, Inditex, Gadisa, Zelnova Zeltia, Frinsa lana Conservera, Xunta de Galicia, Abanca, etc.

11:15 am – 12:30pm. Panel. How are stories told in the digital world?

In collaboration with the Galician Association of Scriptwriters (AGAG) and the Association of Directors and Producers of Galicia (CREA).

How is the audiovisual narrative changing with the appearance of new platforms? What are the new genres, formats and languages of the digital world? Are professionals adapted to new languages?

Participants: Enrique Lojo (scriptwriter), Christian Flores (audiovisual creator), Mercedes Marcos (development responsible for Asubío Media), Beatriz Legerén (design and videogame script professor at Uvigo). Moderator: Marta Piñeiro, director, on behalf of CREA.

Enrique Lojo

Graduated in Audiovisual Communication by the USC and MA in Film and Television Fiction Script by the UPSA. As a screenwriter he has worked for producers such as Portocabo, Madmex Filmanova, Voz Audiovisual, Plano a Plano, Diffferent Entertainment or Isla Audiovisual among others. Much of his career was developed in the Television of Galicia, writing in series as “Luci”, “Casa Manola”, “Viradeira”, “TAC” or “Serramoura”. National-wise he wrote comedies like “Sabuesos” (La 1) or “Mónica Chef” (Disney Channel) and, more recently, “La Sala”, thriller for HBO and FORTA. In the digital field he wrote “Entertainment” for Flooxer or “Mambo”, musical comedy for Playz. He is currently immersed in the writing of “El último show”, which will be the first fiction of Aragón TV, and in the development for Movistar+ of “Día Cero”, a series co-created by himself and David Sainz.

Christian Flores

Self-taught creator interested in the new type of audiovisual proposals generated on the Internet with special emphasis on comedy, knowledge and music. He has worked on various entertainment platforms such as Diffferent Entertainment or Playground, where he created the “trap de las Meninas”, which went viral throughout the Hispanic market. In addition to continuing the creations for his YouTube channel and networks, he has worked in television for programs such as “Wifileaks” and “Locomundo” (# 0), or “Proyecto Arkano” by Producciones de el Barrio for TVE.

Beatriz Legerén

Although currently working as a professor in video game design at the FCSC of the University of Vigo (by which she is a Doctor in Audiovisual Communication specialized in Game Studies), her work in the field of interactive product design began in 1993 with the creation of the production company Pixel Graphics, specialized in CG. Later, she created the company Interacción, which became the first interactive agency in Galicia, as well as the first producer of a PC-themed video game, of which she was an executive producer. Subsequently she worked on the design (script) of video games for different platforms and devices. She has been part of research projects and responsible in different Galician associations related to audiovisual and information technology.

12:45 pm – 2:00 pm. Meeting with the guest country: Argentina.

In collaboration with the Audiovisual Cluster of Galicia (CLAG).

Argentina, the first guest country to visit the Carballo Interplay, is spearheading the digital content industry in LATAM, especially in respect to fiction and series made for the internet. We will have representatives of channels, platforms and the Buenos Aires Webfest, a benchmark festival in the webseries world.

Participants: Martín Lapissonde (Macaco Films and director BAWEBFEST), Rocío Carbajo (coordinator of contents of UN3 TV), Agustina Lumi (Content coordinator CINE.AR- FVOD platform of INCAA Argentina).

Martín Lapissonde

Born in Vera in 1982, in 2004 he graduated from the Universidad del Cine. In 2013 he produced the multi-award winning web series “Estilo Esther”. In 2014 he produced the short films “Cuchipanderos”, winner of INCAA TV, and “Los días Felices”, winner of the 1st BAFICI 2016 prize. In 2015 he produced the series “Psicosomática” for UN3.TV. He was jury in Santafesino space for the 2015web series contest. In 2016 he produced the web series “Estilo Esther 2” and “Noche de Paz” and the short film “Un Hada”, Official Selection of the Mar de Plata Festival. Jury of the ICAU 2016 competitions for web developments. In 2018 he was jury at the Bilbao Series Land Festival. He is a founding partner of the production company Macaco Films. Teacher at the FUC and in Tea Imagen. Director and founder of the BAWEBFEST Festival. In 2018 he produced the series “Noche de Amor” and the short film “LST” and premiered the movie “Música para casarse”, winner of Opera Prima. Currently he is producing the documentaries “Canal 54”, “2 + 2 = 5” and the musical “Te Seguiré”.

Rocío Carbajo

With more than 15 years on her back working in audiovisual media, Carbajo has worked as a producer, scriptwriter and editor. She had her own content production company and since 2013 she is part of the UN3 project, of which she is currently the general coordinator. She studied image design and sound in UBA and she has given several talks and workshops as a speaker and a professional coach in spaces such as BAWEBFEST, EICTV, San Antonio Antonio de los Baños International Film and TV School in Cuba, the University of Republic of Uruguay, FISMED (International Series Festival of Medellin, Colombia), Trimarchi, Social Media Day Montevideo, Neo Media Lab, TEA Buenos Aires and Virtuality, among others. She was the general producer of the short films “Tarde Baby” by Malena Pichot, “El Líder” and “Real”, among others, and of diverse contents like “Del Cabildo al Shopping” (cycle emitted by the Argentine Public TV), “Punto de Quiebre” (first series of fiction realized entirely with technology 360 ° VR in Argentina), “Experience 360 ​​°” (contents with educational purposes carried out in 360 ° VR for the Ministry of Innovation and Educational Quality of the Ministry of Education of Argentina), “My right to a dream. UNICEF” (multimedia experience generated for UNICEF that reflects on the problem of migrant children in Latin America), “Clave Argentina” (tourism cycle broadcast by Argentina’s Channel 9) and “Los Mentirosos” (film premiered at the international film festival of Mar de la Plata 2018).

Agustina Lumi

Film and television producer in Argentina. She has developed her career in the main TV and cable producers and broadcasters. She is currently coordinator of media content of the INCAA (National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts) of Argentina and together with her team she works to add new audiences to the Argentinean productions, accompanying the public promotion policies from the exhibition and public screens. TV is the linear TV channel of INCAA, exhibiting Argentine cinema 24/7 without commercial breaks. With the best numbers of hearing and 800 titles a year, arriving to 12 million people in Argentina. It also programs international cinema, especially Ibero-American. Play is the FVOD platform of INCAA for Argentine content on demand and to anywhere in the world. Films, series, web series, documentaries and short films, free, on all devices. With more than 1,300,000 total subscribers, it is available for smartphones, tablets and smart tvs.

4:30 pm – 5:30 pm. Panel: How did the internet change the way of producing?

In collaboration with Galician Association of Independent Producers (AGAPI). 

New platforms, digital series, global productions, new formats, branded content… audiovisual production is being expanded over all kinds of screens and has a global market at its fingertips. What does this mean for the producers? Which are the production requirements of the audiovisual industry on the internet? What new factors must be taken into account when facing a project?

Participants: Alberto Fernández (Playz – RTVE), Mafalda González-Alegre (Flooxer), Carla Rogel (Globomedia – Mediapro Labs), Alfonso Blanco (Portocabo). Moderator: José Antonio Velo, from Astrágalo Studio, on behalf of AGAPI.

Alberto Fernández

Director of digital content area at RTVE. He was part of the founding team of, which since 2008 has been transforming the corporation’s digital strategy. Between 2009 and 2012 he was responsible for international news area. He has been a member of the Lab RTVE and since 2014 is responsible for RTVE digital content, promoting the development of transmedia and interactive products associated with established RTVE brands such as El ministerio del tiempo, Cuéntame, MasterChef o  Eurovisión. He coordinated the launch and start-up of Playz, RTVE’s new digital content platform, launched in November 2017.

https://twitter. com/jalfertor

Mafalda Sánchez-Alegre

Head of development of Flooxer, the platform created by Atresmedia as a showcase for digital talent and native online content. Its premise is to offer the best technical and creative quality, selecting the best creators on the internet to distribute their work through a premium platform in the most optimal way and bring it closer to new audiences. With a creators’ lineup that includes Vengamonjas, JPelirrojo, Isa Calderón, Diffferent Entertainment, Los Hermanos Podcast, Soy Una Pringada, and channels that cover different genres, themes and styles, Flooxer was a pioneer in producing premium webseries like “Paquita Salas”. Current spring he has planned to premiere “Vosotros Sois Mi Película” the documentary about Ismael Pliego, Wismichu, directed by Carlo Padial.

Carla Rogel

Expert in storytelling, with a degree in Audiovisual Communication (UCM) and Ph. Candidate working on a thesis about transmedia storytelling in fashion video content. She works as coordinator in Mediapro Labs, registering proposals and mentoring the participants on how to develop their ideas and how to present an audiovisual proposal.

Alfonso Blanco

Portocabo’s CEO and former executive producer and production manager of Voz Audiovisual, he has many years of experience producing fiction for channels such as Movistar+, ARTE France, Disney Italia, RAI, RTP, TV3, TVG and TV de Canarias. Among his latest co-productions are series like “Vidago Palace”, “Miracle Tunes” or “Hierro”, a thriller developed in Portocabo that will premiere at Movistar+ next June. Alfonso Blanco is a professor in the Master of Audiovisual Production and Management at the University of A Coruña since 2004 and a renowned showrunner in Europe. He was selected to participate in the International Drama Copro Summit of MIPTV 2015 together with 60 of the most outstanding executive producers from the international scene.

5:30 pm – 6:30 pm. Digital talent jam-session.

An open and informal mentoring session in which attendees can ask the experts that have participated throughout the day the keys to develop their digital project. Aimed at producers, creators and digital talents that have a project or idea to develop and are willing to tell in public to receive advice from other industry professionals.