Trapped in the network 2018-03-09T11:27:51+00:00
Friday 6 April. 10h. Auditorio do Pazo da Cultura.

Trapped in the network

Small survival guide for teenagers with smartphones

With No Legal Tech

When we were kids what most entertained us was throwing stones in the park or playing with a ball, but times change and now with mobile devices the ways to have fun are very different. But do you know exactly what it means to own a smartphone? Today you can use a smartphone for practically anything, but surely you never thought what you are giving in return. In a world of free market, when you are not paying for something is means that you are the merchandise. When you download an app, do you control access to your phone in any way? Do you want us to tell you how many perpetual, universal, non-exclusive, irrevocable licenses you were giving along the way? In this talk we will try to explain how the great social media platforms that you are using work, and give you some advice so that you can keep your power in the network, instead of transferring it to big companies. And therefore, how you can avoid getting trapped in it.

NoLegalTech, created by Bárbara Román and José Manuel Sandín, was born as a platform to launch legal innovation projects to outer space, but ended up transformed into a legal consultant for technology companies. They intend to be an open and transparent company: they document its activity on a daily basis through publications on social networks, including the dark sides. Mercylessly. They offer legal advice to companies that develop software and web platforms, and keep an active presence in strategic communities. They like craftsmanship, even if it is technological.