Premiere: El punto frío 2018-03-09T12:12:58+00:00
Friday 6 April. 20:30h. Auditorio do Pazo da Cultura.

Premiere: El punto frío

The new PlayZ series, filmed in Galicia

The new digital series PlayZ is a mystery and terror fiction that recovers the legend of the Holy Company. Produced by RTVE and Dadá Films and directed by Alberto Ortega, it features Natalia Rodríguez, David Solans and Lola Baldrich, and includes in its Galician cast Camila Bossa, Toni Salgado or Raquel Espada, among others. The fiction, set in Galicia, was recorded in the Councils of Culleredo, Carral, Laracha and A Coruña.

Martín (David Solans) is a boy obsessed with the paranormal who arrives in a town in Galicia convinced that a mysterious phenomenon is about to happen. A recently deceased dead appears in the woods. Rocío, civil guard of the area, is desperate trying to fit the pieces of the case: the dead man is a man disappeared 30 years before. Despite the time elapsed, his body is exactly the same as three decades ago.