“Once all this was mambo.” Audiovisual sourcecode with Carlangas, from Novedades Carminha 2018-03-09T12:50:09+00:00
Saturday 7 April. 13h. Pazo da Cultura de Carballo.

Audiovisual sourcecode with Carlangas, from Novedades Carminha

Once all this was mambo.

Go through places without the places passing through you. Tourism as the great scam of this century. This is the premise from which Carlangas will show his Audiovisual Sourcecode, a format between the conference and the screening in which our guest goes through a topic illustrating it with the audiovisual material that forms his sourcecode, based on movie clips, TV excerpts or Youtube videos.

Carlos Pereiro “Carlangas”, like many others, was born in Santiago de Compostela at an early age. He did not study at the university of life, but at the Complutense of Madrid, where he graduated in Journalism. He is currently the guitarist and lead singer of Novedades Carminha and collaborator of Radio Hoy’s show “Hoy empiezo todo” with Ángel Carmona. Friend with his friends, he does not militate in anything for militancy. He is a fervent defender of the right to laziness, which is why he dedicates himself to rock and roll. He always kisses as if that night was the last night.