Ojo Cuidao. Radio Live Show 2018-03-09T12:25:59+00:00
Friday 6 April. 11:30h. Salón de actos do Pazo da Cultura.

Ojo Cuidao

Radio Live Show

Ojo Cuidao is a radio show, but it is also a live show with audience. Conducted by Víctor Grande and with the collaborations of such distinguished people as Oswaldo Digón, Pedro Brandariz, Luis Pousada or Iago Gordillo. Comedy sketchs, street interviews, interaction with the public, special guests and musical performances are the usual contents of the program. Through the microphones of Ojo Cuidao, guests like Xose A. Touriñán, Marcos Pereiro, Diana Sieira, Ángela Triana, Wicho, Déborah Ciencia, Santy Gutiérrez, David Perdomo and many more have already spoken. What will happen if we get them together with the digital talents gathered at the Carballo Interplay?

Víctor Grande. Comedian and left-handed. Since 2001 he has been making comedy throughout the stages of Galicia with his monologues and satirical songs. He also coordinates the comedy sections of Radio Coruña Cadena SER and directs Ojo Cuidao.

Pedro Brandariz. Clown, comedian, community worker, trainer, actor and even fictional character in many webseries.

Iago Gordillo. Sound technician and bearded millenial. He is part of a musical project called diariodeverano and likes to discover the most hidden secrets of mood music.