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Saturday 7 Abril. 19h. Salón de actos do Pazo da Cultura.

Get-together with Abi Power

“What if beauty did not exist”

Teresa Segura, Perra de Satán e Belena Gaynor debaterán canda Abi Power como sería un mundo se os canons de beleza non existisen, todo con moito humor.

Abi Power (Abigaíl Frías) is a 26 year old youtuber, actress and comedian who has been uploading videos to Youtube for 6 years now. She started her adventure with her alter ego Adelita Power but after a while she noticed that that wasn´t enough for her and began to perform as herself, without the character. In her channel, with more than 400,000 subscribers, we can watch sketches, musical parodies and, above all, monologues.

She is currently focusing on acting. She has participated in the movie “Sin Rodeos”, directed by Santiago Segura, and has recently began her career as a monologist. Right now her Youtube channel is focused on a new format called Señoras Fetén, where along with three more girls talks about all kinds of topics without mince words and with a lot of humor.

Perra de Satán (Beatriz Cepeda) is a character born, raised, fed by and for the Internet. She came into the world to satisfy the needs of her creator in terms of having that so- called “second life” in the networks, and she appeared for the first time as a Fotolog account. After all these years, she says he has it packed “but good”, and right now we can find her in countless social networks, but also in book format, since she is the protagonist of her own novel: “Kilo arriba, kilo abajo”. She has collaborated in Weloversize, Canino, Zorras Peligrosas, Fancine para Chicas y Maricas, and currently works in and collaborates in Días Extraños. What she loves best in life are croquettes, cashews with chocolate and Quim Gutiérrez.

Belena Gaynor is her name in the digital world, although her mother still calls her Belen when the trash has to be taken out. She studied Advertising and Public Relations, as well as some other courses, but nothing has taught her as much as Operación Triunfo. She was 9 when the first edition was aired, and from then she could not stop. So much so that with great enthusiasm, work and asking for it through her Youtube videos (where he publishes content since 2011 and counts almost 60,000 followers), she managed to be part of the digital team of Operación Triunfo 2017. And yes, dreams come true. So as vital advice she only tells us: Walk, take one step forward and breathe.

Teresa Segura is the production manager, coordinator and administrator of all Diffferent Entertainment projects, with which she has produced in numerous formats for TV, film and Internet, such as the webseries “Malviviendo”, “Entertainment” and “Mambo” or the feature films “Work 67” and “Fogueo”. In parallel she has worked in the production of feature films, documentaries and webseries, something that makes compatible with teaching courses and workshops about  film production and webseries for film schools, festivals and universities, and with the realization of brand campaigns in social networks. She is also community manager of Sevilla Factory Dos Hermanas. She has been the Artistic Director of WebSurFestival, the first webseries festival in Andalucia, and together with David Sainz she is the godmother of Carballo Interplay since its first edition.