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Friday 6 April. 11h. Auditorio do Pazo da Cultura.

From the classroom to the network

Experiences of audiovisual creation in secondary school

The fourth wall of a Highschool classroom can be in smartphones, Youtube channels, or Instagram Stories. By the hand of three teachers we will learn about different audiovisual experiences carried out by middle school students narrating through images what they have learnt from the arts, technology and even biology classrooms.
With Ana Moreiras (Olloboi, IES A Cachada de Boiro), Manolo González (IES Concepción Arenal de Ferrol) and Luis Miguel Pérez (IES O Castro de Vigo)

Ana Moreiras is a Physics graduate who works at Boiro as a professor of Technology. She tries to apply what she knows about science to the arts and from arts to science, thus giving rise to audiovisual and robotics projects such as STARgal, at IESP A Cachada, which also participated in audiovisual innovation initiatives such as EPDLab or Amores Prohibidos 2.0, the transmedia play created by Grupo Chévere in 2012. She also co-organizes the Olloboi audiovisual school festival. When she is not in the classrooms or shipyards, she sits in a corner to draw what she sees, which she aspires to do when retired.

Manolo González achieved a big name in Galicia’s audiovisual world as a creator and teacher of the Escola de Imaxe e Son of A Coruña in the 90s, and as a director of Xunta de Galicia’s public Galician Audiovisual Academy of the between 2006 and 2009. But his passion , in addition to the cinema, are the classrooms: «They say that I am already a veteran in teaching audiovisual in the classrooms and it must be true, because I started 36 years ago in this work. But I also know that I still my head and my heart spin around young people, with whom I spend several hours every day at the Highschool, trying to turn the smartphone into a pen and the network into an open window to share all the possible universes of cinema and audiovisual expression. And there is not a day that I do not learn something new from the boys and girls with whom I share the time at Ferrol’s IES Concepción Arenal. From that habit is just what we are going to talk about. Kids’ cinema as wabisabi cinema: films that procure the beauty of the imperfect, because they only aspire to be a free and authentic expression, being at the same time the source of learning of the audiovisual languages. This is what we do in the Audiovisual Culture 2 class of the Bachelor of Arts degree. At the class’ blog of there are approximately 250 videos made in this class, grouped by categories in tabs. The titles are placed after the two classes that I teach and in alphabetical order ».

Luís Pérez has been a professor of Natural Sciences since 1998. Since he first opened an account on Tuenti in 2002 “to be respected by students”, the use of social networks as an educational tool is his obsession. «Twitter as a tool for debate and search of information, Facebook as a speaker and a channel for the Science department and Instagram as the fundamental tool that came to stay; generating social, identity and self-referential changes that are about to be valued ». During a period of four years he decided to get trained in marketing, social networks and digital identity. To leave teaching and return to the business world was his challenge. He coordinated the implementation of international branding projects, communication and Instagram as a fundamental channel for brand implementation. Back in the classroom he decided to transfer everything he had learned to their students. The result of this trajectory ‘#educagram. Educational adventures on Instagram’ was born. Since 2017, he has used Instagram in all his educational projects as a communication tool focused on the creativity of the students themselves. “A challenge is leading us to discover teenage talents full of strength and projection”, as his work as a teacher of the IES O Castro de Vigo proves.