Festival closing gala 2018-03-09T11:33:09+00:00
Saturday, 7 April. 21h. Auditorio do Pazo da Cultura de Carballo.

Festival closing gala

“Women and technology: an impossible union?” is the title that names the chapter of the program “Misterios de Universos Para-lelos” that will be recorded live in our gala. Through the cabaret, the cuplé, the fake documentary and the experimental improvisation we will make a journey through the lives of some of the women who star in this year’s Carballo Interplay Festival, with eyewitnesses who will help us uncover the secrets of this strange phenomenon.

Presenter: Akira Valero

Screenplay: Sandra Lesta e Akira Valero

Direction: Sandra Lesta

Akira has been in the world of performing arts for 16 years. She was trained in Barcelona with different techniques and masters, but always following the same research line: body and comedy. When she discovered the Comedia dell’arte and improvisation, her vision of the theater expanded, and triggered in her a process of research on these techniques which she continues to deepen today. She is also fascinated by the voice work and she has a gift for pretending voices, accents and place in situations the characters that she works for. Currently, she combines teaching at the Escuela Espacio Abierto of Santiago de Compostela, with improvisation performances throughout the country and is one of the main actresses of the clown show “Smart” and in the microcabaré “Abuelo Cuplé”.