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Friday 6 April. 12:30h. Auditorio do Pazo da Cultura.

Youtube, Instagram and other digital mirrors

How do we create our public identity on the internet?

Roundtable with Percebesygrelos, Abi Power and Perra de Satán.

Between authenticity and posing. Between the person and the character. What is the version of us that we project on Youtube and Instagram? How do we get thousands of people interested in what we have to tell them? At what precise time has one become an influencer? What differences may be found when creating content for different formats (YouTube, Instagram, Stories …)? Four role models of content creation for these social networks will tell us their experience and give us the best advice to get in front of the camera on the internet.

Abi Power (Abigaíl Frías) is a 26 year old youtuber, actress and comedian who has been uploading videos to Youtube for 6 years now. She started her adventure with her alter ego Adelita Power but after a while she noticed that that wasn´t enough for her and began to perform as herself, without the character. In her channel, with more than 400,000 subscribers, we can watch sketches, musical parodies and, above all, monologues. She is currently focusing on acting. She has participated in the movie “Sin Rodeos”, directed by Santiago Segura, and has recently began her career as a monologist. Right now her Youtube channel is focused on a new format called Señoras Fetén, where along with three more girls talks about all kinds of topics without mince words and with a lot of humor.

Perra de Satán (Beatriz Cepeda) is a character born, raised, fed by and for the Internet. She came into the world to satisfy the needs of her creator in terms of having that so- called “second life” in the networks, and she appeared for the first time as a Fotolog account. After all these years, she says he has it packed “but good”, and right now we can find her in countless social networks, but also in book format, since she is the protagonist of her own novel: “Kilo arriba, kilo abajo”. She has collaborated in Weloversize, Canino, Zorras Peligrosas, Fancine para Chicas y Maricas, and currently works in and collaborates in Días Extraños. What she loves best in life are croquettes, cashews with chocolate and Quim Gutiérrez.

Carolina Iglesias is from A Coruña but she lives in Madrid, where she works as a scriptwriter and comedian, and runs the Youtube channel Percebesygrelos, with 50,000 subscribers. Fan of the tacky culture, she likes cheesy things, talking about scatology, Raphael, and the 90s TV shows. Even though she was born in the mid-90s. With her characteristic irreverent tone, with which she collaborates with Los 40 principales and VodafoneYu, she is one of the newest and most promising comedians on the Spanish scene. In recent times she has collaborated in the Operación Triunfo chat channel, in spaces like Mediaset’s Yasss, and she even hosts her own live show, “Que vuelva Fotolog”, which she shares with Esty Quesada “Soy una pringada”.