NATIONAL1 16:00h
Direction: Raul Prió and Juli Sáenz
Two friends come together to travel (1st season Philippines, 2nd season Taiwan) in a particular way. Using challenges they will travel each country in the way most adventurous possible, meet the locals and enjoy food and traditions.
Direction and writer: Javier Baldó
“Crisis Cartoons” is an animation series which, using sketches and self contained episodes, shows a satirical view on nowadays society while experimenting with several visual stiles.
Direction and writer: Carlos P. Brioso e Jacobo Saro
Three guys share a very special coffemaker. It doesn’t make coffe but badges that bring them superpowers. Their aim is to save the world, but, sometimes, that is not possible.
Direction and writer:Isabel Coll
Three friends live together. One of them, Cristina, is a lesbian. The arrival of a fourth flatmate will mess everything up.
Direction and writer: Sergio Tellols
Beto doesn’t have a job or a partner and his social life is limited. If he had friends sometime, they settled down long ago -except for Iris, the only friend that can actually stand him and with whom he wouldn’t mind to have an affair, but she is a lesbian. Lives poorly surrounded by a permanent mess and, even though he gets support from his parents, he struggles to pay the bills.
GALIZA_VO 17:30h
Direction and writer: Iván Capón.
Alberte, Ermita’s son, returns to his grandparent’s village after studying Galician filology in Santiago. But things there are not as he had thought.
Direction adn writer: Laura Villaverde.
Chola&Lola is a videoblog webseries, lauched in short weekly episodes. The main character, Chola, is an active farmer who shares, through conversations with her friend Lola, many tips for their subscribers, besides showing their peculiar point of view about life, ecology, culture or beauty.
Direction: Perico Balado.
Writer: Perico Balado, Duarte Galbán, Alexandre Pita, Román Castaño, Denis García, Xan Ranha (“Chuquinho”).
Gafas is a hung up musician trying to achieve deserved fame while Clown is an alien who landed on earth hoping for a better life. Everything is possible in Glasses and Clown’s universe, and they were go through a number of extravagant adventures -including alien invasions, time-travels and the appearance of strange creatures.
Direction: Mighele de Currás.
Writer:Os Ghairas.
Like a mix of Pisiclín and Bitter Kas, PIB blends in exact doses psicodelic costumbrism and daily life surrealism. Richi and Maxi guide us into this peculiar inner rainforest, where the biggest Boors are themselves. However, in this lisergic habitat doesn’t always succeed the law of the jungle. Brutality and its Derivatives are the main actives in this trip to the limits of absurd. Empanada is served..
Direction: Daniel Vilaverde, Manuel Gago, Rubén Lino e Pablo Lamosa.
Writers: Daniel Vilaverde, Manuel Gago and Rubén Lino.
Poetarras is an artterrorist collective that, using sketches, tries to offend somebody somewhere for some reason… or maybe not. Deep inside they are very nice and don’t aim to get in trouble… but if they have to beat the shit out of somebody, they will do.
Direction: Tegüi Sagüillo.
Writer: Marta Lado, David F Vega.
Five strangers and very different people meet through a carsharing website. They start a trip that will get them not only know each other better but also discover other ways of seeing the world and different realities.
“I have an allotment in San Sadurniño” is a web project to spread and share knowledge and experiences of senior ladies realted to working the land. Using cellphones or cameras, they film farming giving tips and showing traditiional tasks. At the same time, as they are assited during filming by young people, takes place an intergenerational exchange between knowledge, tecnologies and traditional farmer’s duties.


NATIONAL2 16:00h  
Direction: Luís E. Pérez
Writer: Luís E. Pérez, Pedro Reyes, Alfredo Pérez de Albéniz, Pilar Paredes
Autumn 2012: during “Rajoy’s Cutbacks”. Comedian Pedro Reyes runs for president and wins!. The first day of Pedro Reyes as president starts, making a common men’s dream come true: run the country with the greatest transparecy in Spain’s history. He doesn’t want lobbys or she-wolves. The new president shows the people everything he does in the world’s first ever political reality. It is utopian but he is sure about it: he wants brutal honesty.
Direction and writer:  JJ Torres & Miguel El Mueso
Black Stuff is a pseudo-futurist thriller showing three perspectives on one story. A cocaine shipment is lost in suspicious circumstances and the Los Negros criminal organisation requires to clarify the causes of the incident.
Direction and writer: Héctor Toro.
Niño Ratón is about the NON-Adventures of an internet rat-boy who lives seating in the couch, hararssing his “favorite” Youtubers while playing videogames and twitting dirt with his cellphone.
Direction: Jorge Boquete.
Writer: Oscar Cruz.
A colaborative comedy experiment where two siblings undergo the inventiveness and perversion of the leading scriptwriters on the internet.
Direction and writer: Cristina G. Abril. 
A short episodes webseries with its main character as unifying thread: a blonde and a bit clumsy girl facing absurd and, sometimes, even surrealist situations..
Direction and writer: Roger Coma.
Canudas tries to change his behaviour with a therapist that uses peculiar methods and a friend who tends to be a cheap philosopher. New domestic challenges emerge when he becomes a father. Eternal teenage behaviour after his 30s.
Direction: Sol Rietti
Writer: Sol Rietti, Bárbara Cerro and Pablo Di Luozzo
To live better is easy. Simple and everyday devices that have also a scientific base. A number of topics, from how to eat healthier to how to look good on a selfie. Datita knows everything.
STATUS (Italy)
Direction and writer: Margherita Ferri, Renato Giuliano, Davide Labanti. 
What can drive a person to join an NGO? Fortunato is a young agronomist troublemaker who, for love, abandons his brilliant career as a drug pusher to try and become the perfect aid worker on an international cooperation project. But he didn’t think about the risk of change his life forever.
Direction and writer: Alexander Follain. 
Always on the run, Zozo is a fugitive in space travelling across the universe to reclaim precious stolen objects and bring them back to their rightful owners. In order to do so, he has to face the worst dangers and the ugliest villains. Zozo is the galaxy new Robin Hood!
CASO Q (Argentina)
Direction: Güido Simonetti
Writer: Güido Simonetti and Viviana Nigro
Dr. Martínez helps many couples make their dreams come true with IVF. After many successful treatments, he now finds the dilemma of a lifetime: Monica, a young quadriplegic lady wants to have a baby. Where do the mother’s rights end and where do start those of the baby who is going to be born?
Direction: Jack Jewers
Writer: CJ Daugherty.
Inspired by the international bestselling books by CJ Daugherty, Night School: the Web Series was the first ever European web series based on a young adult novel. It tells the story of Allie Sheridan, an ordinary middle class girl from London, who is sent away to an exclusive boarding school deep in the English countryside.
ARTHUR (Switzerland)
Direction. Nick Rusconi.
Writer: Nick Rusconi e Chloe de Souza.
His name is Arthur, and he is a serial killer. He wants to quit, though. Will he succeed? Forty years old, Arthur loves breakfasts and vacuum cleaner sounds. He enjoyed craft beer and the quiet environment of his house. He has also a real aversion towards people.


K RD STORIES (New Zealand)
Direction: James Solomon, Eddy Fifield, Karyn Childs, Roseanne Liang, Nikki Si’ulepa, Petra Cibilich, Jane Sherning Warren, Grant Lahood, Clint Rarm.
K Rd Stories cracks open the surface of life on Karangahape Road, revealing diverse cultures and unique voices. Set on New Zealand’s most iconic street this collection of 10 short web films explores the uncommon, the contrasting, and the crazy. K Rd Stories sneaks a peek at the people and places that make this neighbourhood so infamous – and so beloved.
Direction and writer:Andy Lambert.
The MUTE Series is a collection of live-action, single-panel ‘comic strips’; little reports on the vagaries of human behaviour. Casting a mordant eye over mini-moments of absurdity, it sees the funny side of greed, conformity, sloth and various other traits of modern life.
Direction: Matt Eastman.
Writer: Hannah Cheesman e Julian DeZotti
Linda Thoroughbred is broke, divorced, and pushing 30. But when life hands her lemons, she makes… millions. Watch as Linda and the women of the 44th level the playing field on 1978 Wall Street, as they start a Ponzi scheme that will bilk investors of billions in the biggest white collar crime in history.
EMMAS WELT (Germany)
Direction: Luise Brinkmann
Writer:Nicole Fornoff
Emma is 25 years old. Her clumsiness and endearing personality seem to attract absurd and funny situations which constantly surround her. She has just left law school to support her fiancé, when she realizes that he is cheating. Now jobless, homeless and single she is trying to find her way in life.
Direction: Ariel Martínez Herrera
Writer: Ariel Martínez Herrera e Martín Garabal
After a sentimental break up, a Hearth takes a break to find itself and heal the wounds. What is curious about this vacation is that it is, literally, an inner trip. It travels areound the body visiting its old friends and living peculiar adventures.
MUNDILLO (Argentina)
Direction: Federico Suarez e Esteban Garay Santaló
Writer: Malena Pichot.
A familiy lives inside a plant. A mother (played by Dan Breitman) that can only speak music, a television that challenges the mental health of the main characters and many more hilarious situaltions that will make this series an addition.
Direction: Pablo Gilez.
Writer: Esperanza Guardado.
Bridget Jon of Triana is a fictional videoblog which portrays a comic, nearly pathetic character, but quite linked to the audience’s dissappointments. Using the innocence and comicalness of the character to ironically critisize the social imperative obliging, women above all, to mantain a stereotyped and perfect beauty in order not to be discriminated.
Direction and writer: Victor Hugo Espejo.
Viveylate is the search of diverse life stories we found during a trip. This documentary webseries makes us travel the world getting to know the nature and urban trends of the places we go to. Always following the vision of Víctor Hugo Espejo, traveller, presenter and director of this webseries. He will discover the B-side of those places we thought we knew all about and make new friends that will show him new ways of living.
Direction and writer: Adrián Pino.
Nacho and Adri share a room. Nacho is quiet and well educated while Adri represents all the politically incorrect.
Direction: Alex Rodrigo.
Writer: Alex Rodrigo, Josep Gatell, Manuel Burque, Ezequiel Romero, Mario Tardón.
Fernando is some mr. Nobody who works for the Spanish Democratic Party (PDE). Surprised, he finds out that he is selected to run for the primary elections. His ego is as big as his insecurities and accepts ignoring his lack of political aptitudes. While we see his raise to power, we also discover the strategy of the PDE’s cupula: use him as a scapegoat for the party’s corruption problems.


Direction and writer: Antón Varela.
An Orphanage in an island in the middle of God knows where. The director has a personality disorder. Inmates living in a broken and random universe.
Direction and writer:David Saínz.
Simón is a shy guy who shares a flat in Seville with Rayco and Juan; works in a small local supermarket and is scared to death of making a fool of himself. Insecure, his role is that of the typical silly virgin of the village. His friends advise him on how to face his life, overcome his fears and act in a natural way. He is a bit attracted to María, although he doesn’t find a way to reach her. His friend Rayco will guide him along the right way, however from a different dimension.