Carlota Núñez (@duulcedeleche)


Carlota Núñez is one of the most followed Youtubers in Galicia, with nearly 70,000 subscribers in her channel “Duulcedeleche” and more than 40,000 followers on Instagram. This 22-year-old, A Coruña-born film production student posts videos in her vlog since 2012, talking about her daily life as well as her passions, especially fashion, makeup and styling. Some clothing brands use her as an influencer to advertise their products amongst her followers.

Noel Ceballos (@NoelBurgundy)


Journalist, specialised in popular culture . He is currently an editor at GQ. He has previously worked in print outlets such as Fotogramas, Calle 13, SModa and Superjuegos and TV production companies like Boca Boca and Hill Valley. Has published the essay ” Internet Safari ” ( Blackie Books ) and the novel “La Escuela Nocturna” (Memento Mori).

Miriam Hernanz (@miriamhernanz)


Journalist. In 2008 was part of the founding team of, where she worked reporting on breaking news, coordinating the nationwide team for 2 years. In 2011 becomes part of Lab, a new department that sought to develop new audiovisual narratives. Since then, she has specialised in creating webdocs and interactive reports such as “JFK Sombras de un magnicido”, “Estafeta 1”, “Fracking, fiebre del gas” and “Montelab”. In May 2015, takes the reins of the Lab, committed with promoting the most thriving narratives, like the first RTVE’s VR projects and the first interactive fictional short film.

Niko Gómez (@Nikotxan)


Creator of “Calico electrónico“, the most outstanding animated webseries in the last 10 years, with over 200 million viewings since 2004. Niko is also the creator of other series such as “Los Telepis”, “El Sabías lo qué?” and “La Trinchera de Flinskin”. He is currently the director of Nikotxán, the company he founded in 2011 and has recently worked as creative director of Anima Studios web department, the most important animation production company in Latin America, where he co-produced “SúperÉpic ” and produced ” Mad Dinner”, two webseries that will be released this coming May in Atom Network.

Araceli Gonda (@araceligonda)

AGAG – Asociación Galega de Guionistas.


Worked for more than ten years as sports editor in TVG until 2010, when decided to check if she was able to survive as a scriptwriter. She wrote the scripts of TVG’s series as ” Luci ” (which she also co-creates), ” Padre Casares “, “Cuarto sen ascensor”, “A vida por diante”, “Terra de Miranda”, “Pazo de Familia” and “Urxencia Cero”. She also worked in Telecinco’s TV series “Piratas”. In film, took part on the screenplay for Jorge Coira’s “18 comidas”, which received seven Master Mateo awards, bestowed by the Galician Audiovisual Academy -including best screenplay. Has worked as a writer for entertainment programs (“Tourilandia”), playwright for young and not so young people (“Flis-fli-ris-flás”, “A rebelión do monicreque”, “Curriculum Vitae”, “Amor Flexible”) and is a children’s books author (“Flis-fli-ris-flás”, “Area fai seis”, “Os amigos de Santi”).

Jorge Coira (@jorgecoira)

CREA – Asociación de Directores e Realizadores de Galicia.


Director, screenwriter and film and TV editor. Self-taught, after making several short films in the 90s and the TV movie “Entre bateas” in 2002, in 2004 released his first feature film “El año de la garrapata”. His following film, “18 comidas” (2010) received numerous accolades, was selected in more than 30 festivals and had a theatrical release in more than 10 countries. In television, in addition to advertising and video clips, focused his work in directing TV series; in TVG “Terra de Miranda”, “As leis de Celavella”, “Padre Casares” and “Luci” and nationwide ” “El comisario”, “RIS” and “Pelotas”. He has also directed art-house documentaries such as “Torre de Breoghán”, “¿Qué culpa tiene el tomate?” and “Días de reparto” as well as television projects like ““Chunda Chunda”. In 2016 won the Goya Award for Best Editing for the feature film “El desconocido” directed by Dani de la Torre .