Twitter’s fiction narratives. Talk with Manuel Bartual and El Hematocrítico 2019-03-10T20:28:12+00:00
Saturday April 5th. Pazo da Cultura – Auditorium. 11am.

Twitter’s fiction narratives. Talk with Manuel Bartual and El Hematocrítico

Amid all the noise, debate, memes, controversies and brushoffs that occur on Twitter, it is also possible to tell fiction stories that hook thousands of users. This is well known to Manuel Bartual, who in the summer of 2017 managed to share an elaborated viral thread in which he told a mystery story about his own vacations; after that success he has created more stories for this social network. Also Miguel López, El Hematocrítico, which combines his faces as a famous tweeter and writer to raise sagas of fiction glued to the present with the participation of his followers. Both creators visit Interplay to talk about their experience using Twitter as a means to tell stories.

Manuel Bartual

Manuel Bartual has written and directed a dozen short films and a feature film (“Todos tus secretos”), drawn comics in publications such as El Jueves or Orgullo y Satisfacción and designed for El País, Santillana, Astiberri or Es Pop, among others. He also directs, along with Alba Diethelm, the publishing company ¡Caramba!, specialized in humor comic books. In 2017 the story of his mysterious vacation became a global trending topic and was read on Twitter by hundreds of thousands of people. “El otro Manuel” (Planet, 2018) is his first novel.

El Hematocrítico

Miguel López, El Hematocrítico, is a preschool teacher in A Coruña, and something that anybody understands very well on the internet. Creator of outsanding humor blogs such as “El Hematocrítico de Arte” and “Drama en el Portal”. He has collaborated in Atresmedia, El Diario, Mongolia or Cinemanía. He is also the author of children’s books such as “Feliz Feroz” and “Agente Ricitos” (Anaya) and is one of Los Hermanos Podcast together with Noel Ceballos. On Twitter, in addition to daily hot news commentary for his 125,000 followers, he has carried out several interactive literary experiments, such as the saga “Legends of Hemato“, which this year has continued with “Shadows of Hemato“.