Show: At home with the Prieto Flores 2019-03-10T21:30:40+00:00
Saturday, April 6th. Pazo da Cultura – Auditorium. 7pm.

Show: At home with the Prieto Flores

The Prieto Flores family transfers their living room to the Pazo da Cultura de Carballo to talk with different guests attending Carballo Interplay, such as Charo López, Malena Pichot, El Hematocrítico, Rocío Quillahuaman and Lula Gómez.

Los Prieto Flores

Borja Prieto and Natalia Flores have been working in digital communication for years and, besides creating their own agency in 2012, Está Pasando, they have dared to experiment putting themselves in front of the camera in a Youtube channel starring them and their extensive family tribe: 4 children, a dog, hundreds of friends, many crazy relatives, deviant plans… Los Prieto Flores channel is, according to themselves, a portrait of a ramshackle unique life. Devolutive entertainment for the whole family.