Panel: Sorority networks in the digital world 2019-03-10T20:48:37+00:00
Saturday, April 6th. Pazo da Cultura – Auditorium. 12pm

Panel:  Sorority networks in the digital world

Creators of digital content talk about how online sorority unites and makes stronger women of all ages and from all over the world. And more in the last year, after the #MeToo and March 8, 2018, in which feminism struck the public debate claiming to deal with male violence and patriarchy.

With Isabel Cano, researcher and developer of videogames, and online video creators Anabel Lorente, Lula Gómez and Rocío Quillahuaman.

Anabel Lorente

Anabel Lorente (Barcelona, 1995) is a social pedagogue and works on educational and cultural projects. She is also a creator of online audiovisual content since a few months ago she began to publish small animated videos in her social networks based on her own experiences, such as his Vlog or the series “True Story”. We can see all of her pieces compiled in her YouTube channel.

Lula Gómez

Lula was born in Buenos Aires but has lived in Barcelona for many years. She is a stop motion director and animator and has worked for national and international producers and agencies. Together with Jordi Piulachs she has founded La Academia de Animación. Her work in advertising and at La Academia has harvested awards at festivals all around the world. Uniting her profession and her feminist conscience, in October 2017 she created the series Eres una Caca: animated pieces in which she uses humor to cope with everyday life in this macho world, to awaken some consciences, and to distribute a little, at least in fiction, of something that has been lacking for thousands of years: feminist justice.

Rocío Quillahuaman

Born in Lima in 1994, Quillahuaman studied Audiovisual Communication and has worked in video production and editing for several companies (PlayGround, Grupo Zeta) and digital clients. Two years ago she began to draw fanarts and, so far, she has already drawn more than 200 portraits that she has exhibited in Barcelona, Madrid and Galicia. Her curiosity about illustration and animation has led her to make a series of animated videos for the internet that she shares on her social networks. This series of videos started as a personal project but was so well received (she has rised from 900 followers to more than 34,100) that led to commissions for clients like Yorokobu or the International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia and more. She has recently worked as a video editor on the television program CONTROL T.

Isabel Cano

UX designer and illustrator. She is currently a professor of videogame development, multimedia design and robotics in a school. She coordinates the Girls Make Games workshops in Spain and actively collaborates with FemDevs. As a part of her PhD about teaching Art History to primary school students she researches the influence of the 20th century artistic avant-gardes in videogames. Creator of videoludic plastic projects such as “From the screen to the canvas: a pictorial look at video games”, “Pixel to life” and “Painting Japan Square”. She has collaborated in press such as Xenogames, Start, ZehnGames and Nivel Oculto.