Meeting with Galician online creators (II) 2019-03-10T21:11:16+00:00
Saturday, April 6th. 5pm.

Meeting with Galician online creators (II)

During the last year we have witnessed an explosion of creativity on the Galician Internet, with the emergence of youtubers, instagramers… Many young girls and boys sharing their talent in the networks. We wanted to gather a few of them in Carballo Interplay.

Alba Mancebo

Journalist, Mancebo was born in Vimianzo in 1993 and, after collaborating in several media, including Radio Galega, she joined the Galician Television social media team. In her department she does not only manage the channel’s social networks but also creates special contents for Instagram and other platforms.

Edu Fernández

Edu Fernández (Bilbao, 1987) is an artist and performer. He graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Vigo and then got a Master’s degree in Contemporary Art from the European University of Madrid. He studied abroad in countries such as Germany, Belgium and Brazil. His artistic work focuses on identity and performance. He feels very comfortable using different media and looking for new formats and hybrid languages. His work has been exhibited in museums and galleries, as well as studied in the academic environment and in the university. He has won numerous awards and acted in several televisions and shows. We can see some of his work on his Youtube channel, like the videoclip “Chica de la Coru”, which went viral in 2015.


One of Galician revelations on Youtube last year. Olaxonmario‘s speech questions popular culture icons of this decade such as Land Rober, Heredeiros da Crus or Gadis’ ads, with a millennial, feminist and queer critical look. The youtuber explains: “I am Galenazi, mariconazi and feminazi, and Llutuber also, I guess. I have many important things to tell. I do not know where to start so I’m stopping at this point».

María Mera

We know her from Televisión de Galicia for her work as an actress (“Matalobos”, “Dalia a modista”, “O sabor das margaridas”) or presenter (“Un mundo de nenos”, “Como o da casa non hai”, “Luar). But in addition she has always been active in social networks. In recent times she has enhanced her influencer profile by creating content about motherhood and other facets of her personal and professional life, both on YouTube and on Instagram.