Meeting with Galician online creators (I) 2019-03-27T09:37:02+00:00
Friday, April 5th. Pazo da Cultura – Auditorium. 11:30 am.

Meeting with Galician online creators (I)

During the last year we have witnessed an explosion of creativity on the Galician Internet, with the emergence of youtubers, instagramers… Many young girls and boys sharing their talent in the networks. We wanted to gather a few of them in Carballo Interplay.

Tele Jaita

Marcos López is the creator of Tele Jaita, one of the most popular YouTube channels in Galician language, specialized in dubbing and with more than 22 thousand subscribers.


Miguel Silva Conde is one of last year’s most popular Youtube creators in Galician language. Winner of the Youtubeir@s 2018 award for the best opinion video, his channel claims Galician pop culture and icons like Ana Kiro, Castelao or Sabela from Operación Triunfo.

Laura Cruxeiras

This creator from Barbanza won with a group of friends the contest Youtubeir@s 2017 with their channel “Corasón de churrasco”. With the duo Branca e Tinta she is achieving a great success in the networks making songs, humor and feminist claims.

Juan Gimel

With more than 7,200 followers on his YouTube channel, 11,000 on Instagram or 2,200 on Facebook, this creator from Vimianzo reaches audiences beyond Galicia with humor videos, parodies and jokes. Surely you will have heard about him a few years ago when his video “Ghañán Style”, parody of the most popular video in the history of YouTube, went viral.