Jirafas Podcast 2019-03-10T22:59:38+00:00
Thursday, April 4th. Pazo da Cultura – Upper Auditorium. 10 pm.

Jirafas Podcast

This podcast and videoblog presented by David Sainz (“Mambo”, “Malviviendo”) with the usual collaboration of comedian Juan Amodeo is broadcasted on YouTube and Playz (RTVE). Each show is recorded in a different city, with a live audience and a special guest as the protagonist for the program. For this occasion in Carballo, comedian David Suárez and screenwriter Enrique Lojo will be the special guests.

David Sainz

Director, scriptwriter and actor in his own production company, Diffferent Entertainment SL, created in 2009 linked to the success of Malviviendo, the most watched Spanish-language webseries in the world with 100 million views. Sainz writes and directs TV series such as “Flaman” (2012-13, RTVA), “Power Wonders” (2011, TNT) or “El viaje de Peter McDowell” (2009, RTVA), advertising spots for Saimaza, branded content for Arehucas (“El Colega Canario”, 2015 -2016) or for HBO Spain (“Síndrome Valyrio”, 2017), series for digital platforms such as “Entertainment” (2015-2016, Flooxer, Atresmedia), “Buster” (2017, Flooxer, Atresmedia) or “Mambo” (2017, Playz, RTVE) and feature films “Obra 67” and “Fogueo”. He is currently developing the feature film “Confirmar asistencia” (Warner), the “Día Cero” series and the second season of “Mambo”.

David Suárez

David Suárez is a comedian and screenwriter. He was born in Santiago de Compostela in 1992 and studied Journalism and Audiovisual Communication in Madrid. In 2013 he debuted with “Vincent Finch: Diario de un ego”, a series that would reach millions of views on YouTube and for which he has received awards to Best Actor, Best Screenplay and Best Online Content at the Spanish Festival of Webseries and Carballo Interplay. In 2014 he started working for Atresmedia writing and directing “Famosos y una Vieja” and developing other formats such as “Dolor exquisito” and “Observaciones mínimas”. In 2016 he started working on “Late Motiv” by Andreu Buenafuente and at the end of the same year he joined Los 40 as a collaborator in “Yu No te pierdas nada”, presented by Dani Mateo. He has also worked for Comedy Central, TVE, and Minoría Absoluta. In the spring of 2018 he published the book “Agonía infinita” and he is currently acting all over Spain with his show “Tanta tolerancia me está ofenciendo” and, according to some, he is the singer and lyricist of a certain punk band that he denies to have any kind of connection.

Enrique Lojo

Graduated in Audiovisual Communication by the USC and MA in Film and Television Fiction Script by the UPSA. As a screenwriter he has worked for producers such as Portocabo, Madmex Filmanova, Voz Audiovisual, Plano a Plano, Diffferent Entertainment or Isla Audiovisual among others. Much of his career was developed in the Television of Galicia, writing in series as “Luci”, “Casa Manola”, “Viradeira”, “TAC” or “Serramoura”. National-wise he wrote comedies like “Sabuesos” (La 1) or “Mónica Chef” (Disney Channel) and, more recently, “La Sala”, thriller for HBO and FORTA. In the digital field he wrote “Entertainment” for Flooxer or “Mambo”, musical comedy for Playz. He is currently immersed in the writing of “El último show”, which will be the first fiction of Aragón TV, and in the development for Movistar+ of “Día Cero”, a series co-created by himself and David Sainz.