Closing gala 2019-03-10T21:44:44+00:00
Saturday, April 6th. Pazo da Cultura – Auditorium. 9 pm.

Closing gala

Hosted by Alberto Rolán.

“I am The Last Pirate and I welcome you to my channel. A channel without sponsors and without complexes. Without cookies or statistics. A channel free of propaganda where freedom is the paradigm and good judgement is absent. Some people call me crazy, other call me heroe, most of the people call me kamikaze, but what I really am is an old man with the soul of a rebellious child who refuses to drink the milk. “

Alberto Rolán

A long-time actor in theater, film and television. Among his recent audiovisual works include “Antes de perder”, series for Playz – RTVE, “Lobos e cordeiros”, series for TVG, and “Estación Violenta” (Matriuska Productions, 2018), film for which he was nominated to Maestro Mateo 2018 for Best Leading Actor. In 2016 he received the María Casares award to Best Supporting Actor for her work in “O Principio de Arquímedes” by Teatro do Atlántico. He has participated in stage shows, including “O regreso ó deserto”, “A boa persoa de Sezuán” or “Longa viaxe cara a noite”, as well as in successful series such as “Serramoura”, “Pazo de familia”, “Matalobos” or “Terra de Miranda”.