Audiovisual Source Code. “Online autopoetics” with Aldaolado. 2019-03-10T23:18:52+00:00
Friday, April 5th. Pazo da Cultura – Auditorium. 9 pm.

Audiovisual Source Code. “Online autopoetics” with Aldaolado.

Audiovisual Source Code is a hybrid format between talk and screening in which a curator is invited to select and comment on fragments of embeddable audiovisual works that have marked their work and their way of understanding the world. Because memories are fragments of a living archive that we are constantly producing and reinterpreting.


Aldaolado is a poetic-musical duo composed by Lucía Aldao and María Lado. They create a mixture of poetry with humor and music with a transgressive character, in an exercise of direct communication with the spectator. They got together in 2005, when the Galician Culture Comitee set up the Translítera project led by Rafa Xaneiro. In order to participate in it, they prepared their first show “Onde estea un cubata que se quite un soneto”. Their intention since then has been to offer poetry in a friendly and fun way while they enjoy reciting it. Since then the duo has been increasing its audience, highlighting its presence in Luar (TVG) twice.